the way black ops 2 is and should be fixed

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User Info: raven80wolf_x2

5 years ago#1
I have good connection to every other call of duty game but seems in this game it takes good it takes bad and ether you quit because laggy games that aren't fun because u can't get kills or lag out bus in zombies insta killing you. I know im not only one i have comcast internet going fast hook up and it seems like it picks host that connect everyone but not always best connection even though i searched to find best connection this game is amazing when it doesn't lag i think it could be servers on activisions side or just giving us crappy host some time with random playlist update that fix game even though they don't tell us problems connecting to each other it is frustrating but thing is when this game fleshed out and fixes most issues. I enjoy pick ten system as much people complain the designers wanted you to break the rules do u not get that they want the community to find what works best for you damn shot guns with long barrel lol but really mw2 was horrible for that to one man army noob toob heaven. reason people love mw2 so much biggest noob can get kills this game is based on skill if lag is not there yeah its pretty bad so ether you join with friends to help it or you play different game types thats what helps me. but game is enjoyable you need to adjust like black ops and mw2 or mw3 there different games and you need to put alot more bullets in people the scorestreak system better to it gets people playing the objective i can't tell you how many time i dolphin dived to get a kill confirmed to get scorestreak it really gets people wanting to get tags now then passing up in mw3. I leave this game to treyarch if you can figure out way to ether give better host a lot more or make servers for us to play on with dedicated connection this game is going to suffer i cant wait for dlc zombies is amazing this game has problems but thank god were in day and age where updates are real
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User Info: irishman5705

5 years ago#2
I got about 5 words into this post and gave up. I hope to god English isn't your first language, because there's really no excuse for this amount of grammar/spelling butchering otherwise.
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