Oh look, another Ted emblem.

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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#21
Bio NeoHazard posted...

Not sure if mine is "original" because I made it myself
or just lucky that no one else has done it yet.

That is awesome, props to you, sir.
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User Info: Net Shark

Net Shark
4 years ago#22
Quote:Yeah, I made it by looking at the picture. It used to be smaller because I made the entire head, but it looked too thin and small. You couldn't really make out his eyes. So I zoomed it in and blew it up a bit and this is the result. It looks a lot better in game. His eyes dont look f'd up and I didn't even know there was a white space next to the ear.'

Time to fix it up again -_-

@Bio NeoHazard
They display a bit different on Elite than in game. If it looks good in game leave it alone.
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User Info: venom_is_back

4 years ago#23
I use Jonny Bravo, did that since Black Ops 1. Go to YouTue and simply enter Call Of Duty Black Ops Emblem and you'll get a lot of tutorial videos on how to create some very cool emblems. It's better than the thousand Ted's, Ha Ha's and other things.

I've been thinking about taking pictures of every s***ty emblem, make a blog and post them for laughs. I should do that some day. I've seen so many weird male sex organ emblems....I mean, some guy put hair on the d*** next to the head. Wtf man?
Justo Faison

User Info: JlM

4 years ago#24
Seriously, the lack of creativity/originality is disturbing. It's like they see an emblem and think "Oh! That's easy enough for me to make".

You'd think Ted was the all-time greatest movie by the number of avatars. At least it cut down on the South Park avatars.

You can make so many things. The way you chose to express yourself is by using the same mediocre movie emblem that everyone else has? Lame.
I guess I'm something of a ne'er do well.

User Info: yay4pachirisu

4 years ago#25
I saw a really good flareon in a lobby. I was amazed.
Then i went into another gamemode ... same flareon and soon realize that the originality of COD players is near existent. It will either be phrased words, youtube emblem, or the typical COD emblem .....

I did get to see an akuma emblem and i was like WHAAAT that is dope.

i'm hoping my emblem doesn't get youtubed anytime soon

User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#26
Kwizxx posted...
I love it when people can't even folow a youtube tutorial correctly and their pikachu looks hilariously disfigurered.

Well it isn't exactly the easiest since you can't 100% get the morphing so you just do the best you can, unless you spend hours trying to match up every grid exactly. Anyway besides the HA HA (why is this so popular lol) and the normal stuff, I been seeing a towelie emblem almost every single game. But I guess that is better than the normal 420 or pot leaf emblems.

I made myself a Dragon Quest Slime (Metal and Blue), and the Persona 3 SEES emblem. Recently I copied the Cammy's Ass one on youtube, but I removed the Cammy stripes and added red hair on top and changed the clothes color so it looks different.
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