Words can't describe how bad these maps are for Domination

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  3. Words can't describe how bad these maps are for Domination

User Info: barbjornkuma

5 years ago#21
I think spawn zones should be separated from the base flags more. The spawn is typically right on top of the spawn. Even on maps like Turbine where there is no excuse, they will spawn on the base flag.

rock1644 posted...
I miss the triangular formation for Domination flags. Putting them in a straight line is a horrible idea. On every map, B is in the worst spot.

I remember xcal saying something about this when the DLC for BO1 was being released. Something that levels like Berlin Wall, that snow level from First Strike, etc... Too bad they didn't listen to him. they went ahead and made nearly EVERY flag in this game a fight for B. What were they thinking? Maybe bad map design in the DLC was a foreshadowing for the terrible map design in this game.

You could argue that it's ok with the split halves in domination, but that is dumb. Domination games that are a fight for "B" are bad. The best dom maps allow for a team to hold any two flags, not just A+B or B+C. You should be able to hold A+C. On these maps it is just not feasible.

User Info: FeelMyBlade

5 years ago#22
BTzz posted...
FeelMyBlade posted...
Just carrier and Yemen gets on my nerve for dom. Every other map, it is quite fun.

I think it's pretty universally bad in terms of B placement.

What's wrong with the middle?
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User Info: AdaptBlade_Kxm

5 years ago#23
You guys know you can bring your own cover in this game?
The riot shield is plant-able now.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

5 years ago#24
I honestly think that the B spots are usually far better than in BO, where it was always a suicide spot. On maps like Aftermath the entire map can't at least see me capture, while maps like Havana in BO had almost every single elevated sightline target the spot.

Cargo can die in a fire though for this mode.
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  3. Words can't describe how bad these maps are for Domination

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