Another WW2 CoD game?

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User Info: BoyWitArabStrap

5 years ago#51
W@W is definitely the best CoD in the series imo.

However, I think some notable periods would be any of the following

- WW2 with WW1 flashbacks (as someone earlier said)
- 1700s Pirate stuff
- Civil War
- Revolutionary War
- Napoleonic Wars

User Info: Bat178

5 years ago#52
MaxFelix posted...
Bat178 posted...
I had a idea for a Wild West Call Of Duty earlier in this topic, but there was no response.

Wild west is a great idea. WWII, post apocalyptic, stealth (FPS kind of Splinter Cell) and cops n robbers wouldn't need killstreaks - but they could easily have a few.

5 kills for a horse? 7 (or more) for Cavalry. So simple - and lots of focus on maps, game modes and visuals instead.

Post apocalyptic could be centered around health/survival, Splinter Cell/Stealth could be sniping and gadgets, WWII could be good old gun on gun and frags with a more character based story.

Anyway, the topic is WWII. And I really miss it. WaW had great atmosphere, announcers and both maps and playing style were perfectly balanced. But COD have changed, now it's all about chaos on small maps. WWII feels more realistic and it's not nearly as confusing as modern/future, where the sky is full of killstreaks.

Like I said, a Wild West Call of Duty game would be great (Maybe taking place in the Mexican-American War). There are barely any Wild West FPSs, there were plenty of rifles, revolvers, and shotguns in the Wild West, and it would be balanced.
Awww, isn't that cute? He thinks he can beat me!

User Info: Bat178

5 years ago#53
Awww, isn't that cute? He thinks he can beat me!

User Info: henrythefish96

5 years ago#54
Woramot posted...
Bat178 posted...
In my opinion, World At War was one of the best CoDs, and got too much hate.

This. Call me crazy but WaW is still my favorite COD...
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User Info: Bat178

5 years ago#55
Awww, isn't that cute? He thinks he can beat me!

User Info: pyrokinesis666

5 years ago#56
they need to makle a cod game based on the desert storm war
It's funny that we're all clamoring for a WW2 game when the market used to be flooded by them. Now it's flooded by futuristic and modern shooters.
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User Info: Bat178

5 years ago#58
Awww, isn't that cute? He thinks he can beat me!

User Info: cheebsy

5 years ago#59
I absolutely loved waw and a new ww2 cod would be great. I played that one by far the most had like 66k kills. Unfortunately I highly doubt we will ever get ww2 in a cod game again.
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User Info: doughnutz1231

5 years ago#60
what they should do is a vietnam type cod i think that would be pretty cool jungle, rivers and some cities. that would make a better cod. i do like black ops 2 better than mw3.

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