Vonderhaar doesn't give a **** about you or the community.

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  3. Vonderhaar doesn't give a **** about you or the community.

User Info: SAMCROftw

4 years ago#21


User Info: chicken8or

4 years ago#22
People don't use their mics for tactics in this game.

There are 3 things that I hear when I plug in my mic.

1. Calling each other racial slurs and making "yo mama" jokes even though most of them are just 12 year old boys.

2. Somebody playing their rap music too loudly so that everybody can hear how crappy their taste in music is.

3. Whole rooms having a discussion about how terrible the lag is and how much BS they have to go through every single match.
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User Info: superg0at

4 years ago#23
>Vonderhaar doesn't give a **** about you or the community.

very true he is a lazy idiot. yet tell me why he got like 20 or 50 times more followers on twitter than rubin ?

i love rubin. .... i used to hate him but he did bring very nice changes and efforts and things to mw3. like terminal. like chaos mode. like face-off. rubin is now my hero and treyarch should be put against a wall and SHOT.

User Info: gucciburrr

4 years ago#24
Treyarch is no more than a below average expendable developer. It's a high possibility Activision told them to address the game's multiple problems a certain way. Wouldn't you listen if you were a developer who never built a acclaimed title from the ground up and is solely benefiting from being spoonfed another team's successful formula? Treyarch knows Activision can boot them back into irrelevancy, hire a team of winos and CoD would still sell millions...
Why is a below average developer, who hasn't created ONE acclaimed game from the ground up, allowed to repeatedly screw up the biggest name in gaming????

User Info: CallMeSeeker

4 years ago#25
ICantNameGud posted...
Because lobbies aren't full of people saying the game sucks and they're just playing it because they wasted money.


People totally don't have emblems saying this game is garbage.

Less than 1% do.

I've never heard or seen anyone complain about lag or getting way to many hitmarks.....

I have. They've been doing it since their first CoD, and they will continue to do it on those to come.
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User Info: XxOblivion77

4 years ago#26
I had hope but I'm losing it now. He doesn't seem to consider any point of view other than his own.
GT: OhBlivEeUn
BO2 lag compensation gave me an aneurism.
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  3. Vonderhaar doesn't give a **** about you or the community.

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