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User Info: Redsandwitch

5 years ago#1
When you prestige at lvl 55, if you have a prestige weapon do you lose that if you dont take it with you? Do you lose the camo for all your weapons? Also what is this i hear about getting 2 unlocks the first time? And is it like MW3 where you bonus unlocks for playing the other CODs? On a side note i admit i am too lazy to look this up myself and would really just appreciate if someone could answer me...sorry but work made me tired lol

User Info: Redsandwitch

5 years ago#2

User Info: ICantNameGud

5 years ago#3
You don't lose camo or weapon prestige level or even weapon unlocks. You do have to level up to that weapon and unlock it again though, but you'll have all of it's stuff. You can unlock one thing per prestige at level 4 when you get create-a-class. I heard people say at launch that you got tokens for max prestige in previous CoDs but I don't think so because I only had one token when I prestiged but I would have had 3 if that was the case.
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User Info: infamouzgq

5 years ago#4
Your character prestige and weapon prestige are independent of each other. While you essentially start over (lose access to weapons/perks/etc) and unlock them as you level, your weapon will still hold its current level when you unlock it.

For example:

lvl 55, with lvl 16 M27. If you prestige to level 1, your gun keeps it's current level.

So, lvl 1, 1st prestige, with lvl 16 M27 (when you unlock it).
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