So headglitching =/= taking cover?

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  3. So headglitching =/= taking cover?

User Info: GL17CH

5 years ago#21
Where in the game is anything called "headglitching"? Stop making stuff up, gamefaqs.

User Info: DestinysSonNeji

5 years ago#22
It's only lame because all you see is eyes and the top of the head, no weapon being drawn.

From their perspective, they are head and shoulders above cover with a clear line of sight.

I actually had an SMG user blindfire me while headglitched. Still boggles me to this day.

User Info: Halo_Forever

5 years ago#23
ICantNameGud posted...
Both sides -never- do that. (Inb4/THISONETIMEHURRR). Theoretically it's oh noes terrible, luckily it will never come up. Camping and using cover or hiding in the shadows has been used since ****ing GoldenEye. It's not going away.

You didn't play Hardcore in BO I take it? Because there going to the time limit was common. I've had lobbies where I am the only guy moving at all, specifically because of the Prisoner Dilemma.

It won't be going away that I agree with, however giving the playstyle a few tools as possible is important. It definitely feels like fate's irony that the CoD which killed the stealth scourge would be the one with the rampant headglitching (especially as its predecessor didn't have the issue).
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....

User Info: possession

5 years ago#24
Taking cover and exploiting an oversight aren't the same thing. Simple as that. You're eyes aren't at the tip of your skull, so exploiting it means nothing more than you can't aim for ****.
"Baldercrap! I created your universe. The only thing you created was my fist parallel to your face!" ~ Prof. Farnsworth
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  3. So headglitching =/= taking cover?

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