Let's see the type of person you are...

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User Info: IronMonkey008

5 years ago#51
I don't really have a preferred class since I been using everything (I do favor Assault). But I do always use either Ghost for rushing or Flak for defensive, and always use Scavenger. And I like EMP and C4 as my equipment for everything.

I'm 8th Prestige, right now I am just having fun with ...

Five Seven + Silencer

Scavenger + Toughness

Sticky (to get calling card, otherwise C4)
Flash x2 (to get calling card, otherwise EMPx2)
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User Info: Sensei2781

5 years ago#52
ish0turfac3 posted...
So so many ghost **** on this board.

Fal/lasersight, select fire.
Bouncing betty

You like to separate yourself from others. You don't jump on bandwagon's and are a bit of a critic of others who do. Although you will let some things go so as to not spoil some situations.

User Info: Sensei2781

5 years ago#53
Shura_Surplice posted...
I havent played too much but here is one

PDW-57 with supressor, grip and extended mags

Ghost and Lightweight
Cold Blooded
Dead Silence

You aren't terrible at things, but I think a part of you wishes you were better at something, I obviously don't know specifically what that could be. But I do get the feeling that if you applied yourself 100% you would be able to achieve more than you do now. But you know you are capable.

User Info: singhellotaku

5 years ago#54
Type 25/An-94 with acog and select fire
Hardline or blind eye
black hat x2

killstreaks are usually counter-UAV, AGR, EMP

My goal is force a bare bones match every day via being a killstreak/equipment killing god.

User Info: Sensei2781

5 years ago#55
PvtPorkSord posted...
Primary - R870 gold camo, long barrel, laser
Sec - either the B23R or Tac45 both are fine no attachments
Lethal - BB
Tac - black hat x2
Perk 1 - lightweight
Perk 2 - fast hands
Perk 3 - engineer.

99% of my games are played with this class and I rush from camp site to camp site clearing them out and leaving a BB inside the edge of rooms Ive cleared.

NO details go unchecked with you! But hey, you've gotten pretty far acting that way and you like being thorough. You want nice things, and you at least have a rough plan as to how you can get them, if you haven't already.

User Info: wolfhawk13

5 years ago#56
Gold knife
Combat Axe or Black Hat PDA(depends on the map)
All Three Perk Greed wildcards.
No prestige level 55 right now. prestiging later.
"OH HELL NAW" Thunder_Mystery about me in this topic

User Info: BoxTheMuppet

5 years ago#57
FAL with a grip
No secondary

Ghost and flack jacket
Cold blooded
Blackhat x2

Extra first tier perk thing.
#1 at absolutely nothing!

User Info: Sensei2781

5 years ago#58
fallenangemon0 posted...
Yep...you can tell what "type" of person someone is by their class loadout...

I did pretty good so far, no?

Oh, and you're a skeptic and hater :-)

User Info: Overd0s

5 years ago#59
FAL with Stock, Silencer and FMJ or Quick Mags

Bouncing Betty
Black Hat

Wildcard Primary Gun Fighter

First Prestige, level 51 at the moment
Bad News: 2-6 all time. Good news: The coach has usually been fired at some point that season.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

5 years ago#60

MTAR w/Target Finder, Grip, and either Quickdraw or Laser Sight. Last depends on the kind of connection I'm having.


Primary Gun Fighter/Perk 2 Greed

Prestige 1, Rank 30ish

EDIT: Screwed up what I had on the class. Had 11 points there.
And so begins a tale of vengeance and betrayal. Destiny by sinner sought. Tragedy by power wrought. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume.
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