Are Sniper Rifles Still OP?

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  3. Are Sniper Rifles Still OP?

User Info: veggie530

4 years ago#31
Nope, they never were iMHO. They're just obnoxious.

User Info: Arcanine2009

4 years ago#32
Gengar_OU posted...
Snipers were never OP

Barret 50 cal in MW3 was pretty deadly. You could spam it while going prone.
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User Info: LostOdyssey17

4 years ago#33
OP = one shot kills? Clearly you do not enjoy sniping. Try your patience and steady hand to finally hit a sprinting opponent in the chest - only to not kill him. That was UNDERPOWERED. These are appropriate and should be a level of standard for multi-player shooters everywhere.
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User Info: foxop

4 years ago#34
Not OP, but can be annoying. It just irks me when I'm at point blank to a Sniper with my Shotgun/SMG, and he wins because of a lucky shot.
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  3. Are Sniper Rifles Still OP?

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