Rank all of the Call of Duty's from favorite to worst (from cod4 to bo2)

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User Info: ebraz83

4 years ago#1
Now that we've experienced this one enough to place it, let's see your lists.

mine: (based primarily on multiplayer)
1. black ops I - the one I had the most fun with, no 1 style of play seemed to dominate, decent maps, rich with features, wager matches were great. Slower pace turned some fanboys away but put focus more on 1 on 1 gunfights within a match which I found very fun.

2. cod4 MW1 - maybe nostalgia places this one higher than it should be, introduced the current format of create a class and perks/attachments/weapon unlocks. Great memories of this one but haven't played it in years so it would probably show it's age. Placing it high for it's groundbreaking legacy.

3. black ops II - I think it's great, maps are between BO1 and MW3 in clutter and clusterf***ness meaning not as spacious as BO1 but not quite as messy as MW3. If lag issues aren't addressed it may slip further down the list but if lag is improved, this could be the most polished multiplayer experience in the series. Pick 10 system seems to be universally accepted as a step forward in the series

4. MW2 - I think it had the best overall collection of maps but was very glitchy and marked the first installment where the community collectively ruined the experience by exploiting anything and everything they could. Features were put in with good intentions not realizing that they were potentially game-breaking. Very frustrating to play by the end if its run

5. World at war - This could easily be number 2 or 3 on the list but is bumped down simply because it's basically MW1 with a world war 2 skin over it. I remember it being just as fun as cod4 but barely differentiated from it's predecessor. mp40 emerged as the first majorly overpowered gun in the series (a trend that would continue in pretty much every installment) Overall became somewhat forgettable due to its lack of innovation over previous installment.

6. MW3 - Could have been one of the best in the series based on weapons and multiplayer features but was crippled by bad maps and terrible spawns. Maps and spawns were game-breaking in my opinion and when combined, was the most frustration inducing experiences in all my time spent with this series. Matches seemed to have a random feel to them due to all the confined spaces and criss-crossing corridor design to the maps. Gameplay rarely seemed to flow the way the other games did.

Just my opinions, we're all entitled to one. Even with all the problems these games have they are extremely popular which just goes to show you, even a mediocre COD game is a pretty darn good console FPS.

User Info: Obviousss

4 years ago#2
CoD4 hasn't aged at all. The community on it is a little small, but you'd have no problem finding a match within seconds and it's still as fun as I can remember.

User Info: gamerbug94

4 years ago#3
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User Info: curtland

4 years ago#4
1. COD4
3. MW2
4. BLOPS 2
5. WAW
6. ???
7. MW3
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User Info: Mr_Cumberdale

4 years ago#5
1. COD4
2. MW3 / BO
3. COD3
4. BO2

If the lag / hit detection is fixed, BO2 would be top 3.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#6
1, Black Ops II
2. Black Ops
3. Modern Warfare 3
4. or 5. World at War or Modern Warfare 2 (I recently got WaW and MW2 got me into a CoD fan and I don't know which one I like more)
6. Modern Warfare

CoD4 was the first CoD game I played but it got me so frustrated when I first played it. I went back to Halo 3 during that time. First shooter game that I played in which if you get shot, you die instantly and get no reaction time. I haven't got use being insta-killed in a shooter game until MW2 was released and I skipped out on WaW but I got recently got WaW for PC and I can't find any good servers in multiplayer; have only been playing in Bot Training servers in TDM so far since I am afraid of going into any other server. I gave CoD4 a second chance by playing it on PC and it just brings back some of my frustrating memories but I somewhat enjoy it. At least the servers in CoD4 on PC are better than WaW but I like WaW on PC more because I can play custom zombie maps.

Black Ops II is my favorite Call of Duty title because Treyarch brought in some new cool features that I always wanted. The campaign in BO2 is my favorite part of the game because Treyarch has added a custom loadout and added challenges for each mission; that just gives the game a better replay value and I am happy for that. And I like the Pick 10 System that they have in Multiplayer. In every CoD game, I have a melee class that is usually composed of shotguns and handguns with the shortest range but in BO2, I finally can make my melee class perfect. I like customizing in video games.
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User Info: MilesAustin19

4 years ago#7
Black Ops 2 > Black Ops > MW2 > MW3

BO2, BO and MW2 are/were fun games. MW3 is absolute trash. I'm done with Infinity Ward games. I'll play Battlefield or something in between Treyarch games.
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User Info: ManOnDaSilvrMT

4 years ago#8
CoD4 > CoD 1 = CoD 2 (yes, I'm including them) > BO1 > MW3 > MW2 > WaW > BO2
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User Info: MrArmageddon8

4 years ago#9
1. COD 4
2. MW2.
3. Black Ops
4. Black Ops 2
5. WAW
6. MW3

User Info: BoozinFTW

4 years ago#10
Not changing this until Tony Romo is replaced
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