Multiplayer Discussion Part 1: Submachine Guns

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User Info: Sensei2781

4 years ago#1
I would like to start creating topics covering aspects of multiplayer that will encompass both fact and opinion regarding the topic.

First up: Submachine Guns

Please post your thoughts on the guns and be specific on the gun type. If you prefer some structure, answer the following:

1.)Do you use them regularly, and if so which one(s)?

2.)Do you feel they are unbalanced in the game?

3.)What attachments do you use with them?

4.)What maps do you use them on?

5.)If you could use only one gun throughout all of mulit. would you pick a submachine gun, if so which?

User Info: Sensei2781

4 years ago#2
I personally have never used one. I figure if they are primarily used for close range I would rather have a shotgun with long barrel and one shot someone. It feels like I'm missing out though b/c submach. guns tend to be used a lot.

User Info: Linctagon7

4 years ago#3
SMG are the most dominant weapon class in this game. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves. With these maps an SMG can outshoot almost anything at any range. You can kill a sniper across the map before he even gets time to scope in because these guns have almost no recoil or aim deviation to speak of other than the MP7 to a small extent. The MSMC, EVO and PDW are the best all round weapons in the game, stats back this up. Here we have 3 shot weapons that can shoot at 1200 round per minute, have the best hipfire in the game, the fastest reloads among primaries, the best iron sights, the least ammount of recoil and very high bullet counts aside from LMG.

SMG are not balanced in this game at all. All the evidence points to the contrary.

User Info: Frost_Mirror

4 years ago#4
The SMG's are on the opposite scale from where they were in the original game.

-Most of them have a high rpm (Evo, Chicom, mp7 etc)
-They have more than enough bullets per magazine, unlike the ones from blops who had 20-32 bullets per mag/clip (seriously PDW?)

IMO, if they slowed down the fire rates of the SMG's or widened their hip fire, it'd help the other classes catch up.

User Info: HydraRaptor

4 years ago#5
1. Yes, and all of them, as I'm trying for Diamond. My personal favorites are the PDW-57, MSMC, and Vector.

2. To an extent, but mostly due to how most people are playing and how they balanced things from the start. They all have a little too much range, and a too little recoil (save the Skorpion).

3. With the slower firing SMGs, I run some combination of Laser Sight, Fast Mags, and Suppressor, which are all early unlocks, making the weapon much easier to level. The MP7 always gets Suppressor and Extended Mags, whereas the Vector gets MMS and Extended Mags (to be used with smoke grenades). The Chicom changes a lot, but the Skorpion always gets Laser Sight, Fast Mags, and Rapid Fire just for the sake of fun.

4. Really, I'll use them on any map but Turbine, because of their medium-range effectiveness. I always use SMGs on Nuketown, Hijacked, and Raid, though.

5. I would, and would likely choose the PDW-57. A high magazine capacity paired with decent time to kill at medium range and a quick reload makes for a nasty weapon with a lot of potential for the vast majority of your engagements.

I find the SMGs to be the sort of "jack of all trade" weapons of BO2, filling the spot the assault rifles used to house. They are, however, masters of none. They are beaten by shotguns at close range easily, beaten by assault rifles at medium range easily, and beaten by sniper rifles and LMGs at long range easily. After a few tweaks, the SMGs will probably lose their top spot, but at the moment, they stand on top buy a longshot.
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User Info: Sensei2781

4 years ago#6
Great answers. I will try them out tonight. It seems like the PDW is the most popular. Thanks for the input and would like to hear from others if they have a different opinion. Is there rumor regarding nerfs for this class?

User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
4 years ago#7
1. I typically have 1-3 SMG classes. My favorite and most used is the Skorpion (shocker), and while my second most used is the Chicom, the MSMC and Vector would be my second and third picks, respectively.

2. The SMGs are not unbalanced; the map design just strongly emphasizes close quarters, which makes SMGs a natural fit. (Probably because maps like Nuketown were insanely popular and 3arc figured people must want more small maps... thanks a lot, guys.) If there were more larger maps with less readily available cover, SMG usage would plummet.

3. Always a Suppressor and typically a Laser Sight.

4. I use an SMG class on just about anything that isn't Carrier or Turbine.

5. Nope.

Edit: P.S. Anything regarding a nerf for the SMGs is purely hearsay at this point. Nothing has been confirmed.
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User Info: JMoney3851179

4 years ago#8
Ok, let me take a crack at this...

1.) Not at first. I am usually an AR guy in most CoDs. However, a couple days in a noticed the SMG trend among the community and decided to give them a try. Fell in love with the PDW, and the MSMC is a close second. I still frequently use a couple of the ARs as well though.

2.) I honestly don't think they are unbalanced, which most of you will probably chew my head off for, but hear me out. Performance wise, I don't think they are that much better then a lot of the AR's in the game. However, you have to factor in a few things. First of all, almost all of the maps in this game favor CQC, which is obviously going to cater to SMG's. Second of all, most of the players today have an insane ADD style of play, which ALSO caters to SMG's. So when you got a bunch of kids running through all the tiny hallways and stairwells and tunnels like they have their head cut off, it is obvious why the SMG's perform better. If you really think the AR's can't compete though, just for a few games try to stick to the more open areas and play a little more conservatively. I bet you the AR will perform just as well. So it isn't the SMG's that are unbalanced, it is the maps and peoples like off ability to adapt their playstyle to the AR's strengths. Just my opinion.

3.) I have three different set of attachments that I use with SMG's:

A - Aim-Shmaim = Rapid fire, long barrel, Laser sight.
B - Prostyle = Quick grip, Silencer, Recoil grip
C - LittleBitaBoth = Quick grip, Silencer, Laser sight

4.) I will consider using them on every map pretty much except for turbine.

5.) If I had to pick one gun, it would most def. be a SMG. If I was smart it would probably be the MSMC for the strength of the SMG with a little bit of range, but for some reason I'm just partial for the PDW. So PDW all the way.

Just my two cents.

User Info: Erupt50

4 years ago#9
Glad someone finally started an smg discussion on this board. They haven't been discussed nearly enough.
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User Info: w00dy925

4 years ago#10
All i know is do not waste a point on a laser sight for smgs. Thats pointless. The hipfire in this game is insane without the laser. The PDW is prob my favorite gun in the game. The only gun i have golden. Slap grip and a silencer on that gat, and its super deadly. Ive noticed the msmc is kinda bad at medium to long range, but a grip, reflex, and a silencer on it is crazy good. My go-to setup currently. I stay away from smgs on only 2 maps(poor map design amiright?) Turbine and yemen.
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