What's your crutch in this game?

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User Info: MMF_Legacy

4 years ago#31
Perk 1: Ghost
No Perk 2 essential
Perk 3: Engineer

Blackhat users, EMP is better you just have to rely on teammates to take down air support or roll with a SMAW.

User Info: DRock76

4 years ago#32
Flak & Tac Mask.

User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#33
KAP 40 + SGF
Extended Mag


Bouncing Betty
Black Hat x2

Wait, that's my whole class...

I'd say the top 3 things I need are

Bouncing Betty

User Info: ICantNameGud

4 years ago#34
Flak jacket or ghost at all times. The other tier ones aren't even a consideration.

Suppressor attachment is working it's way up there too.
Get it right, do it nice. If you make a mistake, you're gonna pay for it twice. If you need it... got to have it. Get yourself a shotgun and bring it back home

User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
4 years ago#35
All of my classes have either Ghost or FJ for the first perk and either Toughness or Scav for the second perk
I have to fight to suppress the desire to suppress everything
I slap a Stock on every AR
Every SMG is suppressed and almost always Laser Sight'd (ololol yes i m typicool)
I really hate not having a pistol
If I use Scav I feel obligated to use either a Claymore or Betty + Shock Charge
Most of my classes are Engineers
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User Info: QualiT

4 years ago#36
internet connection pro.

It lags everyone else so I can be 1 second ahead of them lolololololololo
All Things Require Sacrifice.


4 years ago#37
LightWeight and Hardline.
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User Info: emerica

4 years ago#38
Lightweight and Marathon. I just like running around and these make it easier.

User Info: mariofan619

4 years ago#39
I don't really have anything on every class. I use C4s, Betties, Shock Charges, Stuns.. Flak/Ghost/Lightweight/Tact Mask.

I mix em' up.

But I usually run Ghost if I'm playing alone, because I'll inevitably be matched with a horrible team who gives away free UAVs.
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User Info: JinKisaragi211

4 years ago#40
Engineer and Ghost. Ultimate anti-camping tools lol
They call me Hadouken. 'Cuz I'm Down, Right, Fierce!
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