Do you actually like this game?

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User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
4 years ago#31
My opinion mirror's the TC's almost exactly.

Prior to BO2, MW2 was my favorite Call of Duty title, and I'm enjoying Black Ops 2 just about as much. <3
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#32
I really like this game. Currently my favorite Call of Duty title.
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User Info: Nyangasm

4 years ago#33
Bump. I'd like to see other's opinions. ^___^
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User Info: DutchZombie

4 years ago#34
I enjoy it. The lag is terrible for sure. It seems after the original IW left nobody has been able to code a decent COD title for online multi player ever since. That being said, I think this is Treyarch's best effort yet. They just aren't as good as IW was.

User Info: Teh_5_Starz

4 years ago#35
GamingAnt posted...
yes why else would I waste my time by coming to these boards?
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User Info: DaManJinx

4 years ago#36
Its weird i have such a love/hate relationship with this game. I think it could be so good if yes the LAG was fixed, i can get over how i feel about the maps i think the size is fine but to many lanes of sight. I really think if the speed of the game was brought down a bit like 10-15% and if Health was increased, so there was actually gun fights, i think you would a fantastic game.

User Info: nuclearpizza

4 years ago#37
I love this game.
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