so uh, how do you guys who don't care about k/d enjoy this game?

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  3. so uh, how do you guys who don't care about k/d enjoy this game?

User Info: DougEInstructor

4 years ago#41
infamouzgq posted...

zombies is not enjoyable

User Info: SuperNecro

4 years ago#42
Considering I play TDM almost exclusively at the moment, my KDR is somewhat indicative of how much I'm enjoying the game. I'm positive, which means I'm killing more than I'm dying. I have fun when I don't die. Winning the actual game is the cherry on top. I currently have a 51% win stat, which means I'm also winning most of my games. In short, I really enjoy this game.
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User Info: torey_caylor

4 years ago#43
As much as i don't like to admit i kinda care about K/D. I'm not obsessed about it, but i'm content in having 1.5+ which means i'm doing well. Apart from that i don't thing about it much. If you have negative K/D you're not doing much even if you think you're PTFO. I find that a lot of bads are masking how much they suck at the game by saying they're PTFO. Running like a headless chicken is not helping your team no matter what you think.

That's why i'm also kinda annoyed at the game for putting me in lost matches all the time. Hence my W/L being negative. I hate loosing, but what can you do.

User Info: Dr Whoopass

Dr Whoopass
4 years ago#44
Mlevie posted...
Lsat FMJ
assault shield
Flack jacket.
tac mask

shock charge x2

set up your tent and start cooking s'mores
put our your assault shield as extra cover
as soon as the enemy finds out your camping they will lock onto you. see how long you can last. you win if you get a guardian.

its my go to tactic when i get frustrated... been doing it a lot lately

sir... i like your style
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User Info: dario1101

4 years ago#45
Gnilpmud posted...
Seeing as how one match can have an amazing connection and the next can be laggy as laggy can be, I've thrown KDR out the window.

There's simply no solid foundation to build upon.

Also, I mostly play objective based games, so I don't mind getting killed while pressing forward.

I don't mind getting killed. It's all fun!
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User Info: mariofan619

4 years ago#46
From: Dr Whoopass | #008
Care about W/L and not K/D. Play objective games or moshpit. Still, I am growing to hate this game. When a game is just broken, it isn't fun to play.

Win/Loss means nothing.

I had a 7 W/L at one point in MW3, because I literally ONLY played in a party. It's the only way I could enjoy that horrible excuse for a game even a little bit. I'm not sure what it was when I stopped playing, but CoD Elite says it's 88%.
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  3. so uh, how do you guys who don't care about k/d enjoy this game?

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