What gun best shows off emblems?

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  3. What gun best shows off emblems?

User Info: Crashes86

4 years ago#11
Msmc, you can see full detail and its on the back of the gun.

User Info: TrixtinFamer

4 years ago#12
you can apply emblems on all guns in local match.

Im a little more than half way done prestiging the guns that show off the emblems well.

not looking forward to riot shield.

User Info: DReedy917

4 years ago#13
I think the 870 is ok, depends on your emblem maybe. mine is round so it works.

the tac-45 looks bad though. looks like part of the emblem is on the hammer of the gun
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User Info: FantasyHerb

4 years ago#14
The ksg looks horrendous. What a poster above me said, you can go into local match making and check out camos (besides gold/diamond) and emblems on guns.
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User Info: jamejame

4 years ago#15
The QBB looks great. I rock the gun frequently just to show off my emblem.

Treyarch should definitely go the Forza route and allow custom camos and a storefront using CoD-points for such camos. Why can't be place emblems where we want them? As others have said, the KSG's emblem placement is atrocious.

User Info: Kerchak

4 years ago#16

The emblem is right on the back of the gun. Clearly visible.
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User Info: harmonyvid25

4 years ago#17
anyone ever seen where the emblem is on the ballistic knife?

I just can't see it :(

User Info: Xtypegamer

4 years ago#18
But really, who has the time to look at your emblem? Shots are being fired and knife ninjas are running amok.

User Info: MobiusUnoDos

4 years ago#19
SWAT definitely looks good.
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  3. What gun best shows off emblems?

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