I thought I just sucked REALLY bad at shooters until I realized my TV lags

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  3. I thought I just sucked REALLY bad at shooters until I realized my TV lags

User Info: RazorSharp02

4 years ago#31
Yeah I think I have a terrible setup. I'm pretty sure thus far I have forgotten to turn on game mode for the HDMI input on my Xbox connection. It's only turns on for the PS3 HDMI port. Need to change that ASAP.

An I'm rocking the 55" LCD which is really too big to be playing FPS in. Way too much screen to scan. Great for Mass Effect and Final Fantasy or whatever other beautiful graphics you want to check out. Terrible for competition
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User Info: AnatomyHorror

4 years ago#32
bcon1208 posted...

Completely real. And Razor, that "Game Mode" is more of a placenta


User Info: bcon1208

4 years ago#33
dustybottoms7 posted...
That XBOX output display may work if it is indeed incorrect, but don't think that it will automatically fix all input lag problems. Maybe it happened to work out for that one poster, but input lag still absolutely exists even if all the settings are right. Game mode absolutely makes a difference (and yes, I'm aware that any changes game mode makes can be done manually, but for the most part, game mode itself is easy and generally works fine for most TVs) and if you have the option available, don't hesitate to use it. My xbox's settings are perfect, but I still get crazy amounts of input lag until I slap game mode on.

Something is definitely different for us then, because I have zero input lag once I used to proper cables and got all of my settings correct. I never change the mode on my tv either. Always hated the game mode on it, as it looks horrible comparatively.

The fact is, there are a lot of things that go into something like input lag, and not all of them can be accounted for. It just so happens that my setup results in zero lag. However I guarantee if you make absolutely sure your settings are correct, and you're using proper cabling, then input lag should be virtually nonexistent.
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User Info: Xian042

4 years ago#34
So my TV doesn't have a "game mode". It was a pretty cheap 42' 1080p for the time. I think it was 120hz too, yes I know how a lot of people feel about 120hz.

I use HDMI for the XB, perhaps if I adjust the output settings on the console I can speed it up a bit...
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User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#35
I tried playing on my brother's 3D enabled TV's (no 3D on, though) and couldn't do crap because of input lag. It was even more noticeable playing the original Sonic games. Now on my own tv, I do pretty good overall usually.
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User Info: Cat_Girl_V

4 years ago#36
Xian042 posted...
For the longest time I was playing Halo 3 and various other FPS's and having tons of trouble aiming. I thought these old thumbs just couldn't handle it anymore.

Then I hooked up my XB to a lower end HD monitor and started racking up some numbers. Superfast aiming and dead on shots. Its like night and day, I hooked the XB back up to the big TV just try it, the first time I played I was 0-8, next game was 3-10 by some well placed bettys. Those scores are nearly flipped when I play on the monitor. Makes me wonder how many people don't even realize their screen is lagging when they play, think they just really suck.

lol EXACTLY!!!!

i had this exact same problem when i my dad bought this new huge LCD TV, my small Plasma has the least amount of input latency... so when i swapped back to my small TV i began earning reapers and AC-130s again... XD it makes a huge difference, its like you cant aim if you use a LCD TV
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  3. I thought I just sucked REALLY bad at shooters until I realized my TV lags

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