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User Info: CheeseSpray

5 years ago#21
Styrof0am posted...
fett44 posted...
Don't you feel like less of a man getting kills with absolutely zero skill involved?

Doesn't it make you feel like less of a man, when you have to complain about an easily avoidable lethal explosive?

You can run right past them, no need to crouch or go prone, and this is w/o lightweight.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I got the game last week and haven't died from a Betty since the first day. They are probably the easiest lethal to avoid. Sorry that you are having such a hard time with them though TC, I hope your fortune changes.
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User Info: Afghan_Whig777

5 years ago#22
When people camp with them, I'd say 80% of the time, I duck them

They're only bad when they're thrown out you in the middle of a fight or they go off when you were in the middle of a fight, or you don't hear them set off because there's too much noise elsewhere

They aren't too bad otherwise. Engineer players can really shut players down who are too dependent on them. Same goes for flackjacket/tac mask players
GT: Arcade Fire87

User Info: SwordToTheChest

5 years ago#23
Shinen_Ryu posted...
Black hat+engineer= never die by BB again

User Info: TheMonkeyBomb

5 years ago#24
I die by them quite a bit, I'll admit.

Sometimes, I'll accidentally dive and it gets me killed. I got too used to dropping down while sprinting to avoid betties in MW3

User Info: RumJungleJuice

5 years ago#25
Shinen_Ryu posted...
Black hat+engineer= never die by BB again
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User Info: faris_ruhi

5 years ago#26
From: darkshadowmaster | #015
SkytheWiz1 posted...
fett44 posted...
Its just cheesy to me kinda like noob tubes in mw2. I have too much self respect to use them. I do need to start crouching more though.

Noooo, not even close.
80% of lobbies had noob tube attachments, even if they only used them on occasion.

I only ever run in to 1-2 people per game that use bouncing betties. If you kept running into them, you were likely coming up on some guy's camping spot several times.

I can honestly say that since launch I've seen the nade launchers used maybe 3x, and one of them was me.

Funnily enough, I don't have the game, but whilst playing a few hours online with my friends (2 player online), it was hard to come across a match where somebody on the other team WASN'T using one.
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User Info: The_Gun_Sh0w

5 years ago#27
I play in a team of 4-6 friends most nights and we all have Danger close and 2 Betties each + Scavenger.... theres one going off every 5 seconds! We get so many teams rage quitting against us.

I agree it is a bit cheap but most things in this game are, like other people have said, there are plenty of counters to them anyway.
Gamertag: The Gun Sh0w

User Info: dedbus

5 years ago#28
In the other games you have to use them kind of strategically. Using them how they are intended didn't last long because of the perks that delay them and even eventually you get an eye for them. I got a lot of kills just placing them out in the open instead of obvious places. You can stick them behind corners or other obstacles but you'd have to suppress to overcome delay. But they are also great bait for those recon perks that show them on your screen. You can use them to spot campers but also lure in people with them.

User Info: Rikiaz

5 years ago#29
If you die to a Betty you deserve it. If you die to a shock Betty you need to be more careful. Besides Shock C4 is so much better.
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User Info: Don_of_Blades

5 years ago#30
Meh, its nice to lure an idiot into one.
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