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User Info: DaMan1900

4 years ago#51
fett44 posted...
Don't you feel like less of a man getting kills with absolutely zero skill involved?

COD takes skill? good to know, i thought all you needed was a s*** connection :P (i mean this but it doesnt bother me anymore. COD is just some casual meaningless killing now)
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User Info: kcchiefsfan1982

4 years ago#52
fett44 posted...
Don't you feel like less of a man getting kills with absolutely zero skill involved?

I do get a lot of kills with my bouncing betties. Do I feel like less of a man? No

Do I admit that it takes no skill to get those kills. YES.

But, at the end of the day, when playing team deathmatch, whoever has the most kills still wins. Isn't that what it is about?


User Info: StormShadovv

4 years ago#53
I do t use Betties for the purpose of killing. To me, they are early warning devices. Set them a fair distance from where I actually am, and if the get hacked or destroyed I know a tango is coming. Occasionally I get a kill with them.
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User Info: HuffyChicken

4 years ago#54
I love getting frisbee kills with BBs. Round a corner and see an enemy. You can launch a BB into their face faster than you can shoot them. It has similar reaction to the knife. You're welcome.

User Info: veggie530

4 years ago#55
SerialVandal posted...
I use engineer and black hat. I LOVE betty users.

I use black hat with engineer WITH betties. They hack them, I hack them back. It's like a mini-boosting game.

User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#56
SkytheWiz1 posted...
...You actually get killed by those?

The only time I've ever seen anyone killed was when I black hatted them, and they weren't paying attention.

Funniest kills ever.

the sad thing is 1 in 3 set down is a kill normally... if people are going to be that stupid and charge a sniper from the only way to sneak up on them without engineer or flak jacket on they deserve it...
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User Info: kcchiefsfan1982

4 years ago#57
If you place a shock charge on top of your bouncing bettie, when they get shocked, they will not think to duck and will die to the boincing bettie. Happens all the time!

Here are some video funny!!

User Info: aNiceLay

4 years ago#58
mrshowtime333 posted...
forgotten0285 posted...
engineer is the only third tier perk. use it.

You can play this game without Tac Mask? Ugh, no thanks. Shock charges and stuns are awful in this without it.

Engineer is just about useless IMO. Im assuming everyone is using Flak Jacket as perk 1. If your not, then you are doing it wrong. Who needs to know where mines are? Ill just walk through them.

Think about it. Sticking with your example, you take no stun from Shock charges or Stuns. Or other Tactical Grenades. But that's it. With Engineer, you see them and make them go off later. Run Engineer with Black Hat, you make the shock charges (or C4 or Claymore or Betty) yours and it affects the other person.

I personally run both.
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User Info: colt45mag

4 years ago#59
fett44 posted...
Don't you feel like less of a man getting kills with absolutely zero skill involved?

Does this "less of a man" concept also apply to Claymores too? Cuz they need no skill either. Bottom line: Learn to crouch!
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User Info: Damian_Kain

4 years ago#60
My group and I lock down half of the map. If someone gets killed by a BB then I know where he is. If it is hacked I know where he is. There is alot of strategy involved in my equipment placement.
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