Are you a Sniper?

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User Info: 4baggin

5 years ago#1
Just trying to gauge how many of you out here are snipers? By that I mean you run a sniper rifle the majority of the time. I never have before BO2 and I just started about a day ago. I have fun with it, but really not good with the sniper yet. I have learned to love the B23R pistol though. If you are a sniper, what sensitivity do you use?

User Info: Astro_B0mb

5 years ago#2
11-12 sens, and I never have a secondary unless I feel like using ballistics.

Usually run 5 perks and 2 attach on my gun, or 4 perks and 3 attach.
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User Info: AirRawr_

5 years ago#3
no i camp in a corner and wait for someone to run by then knife them in the back and quit out so I dont die and have the best kd ever
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User Info: kasbian

5 years ago#4
I work in an office :(

Would love to be a sniper but gun laws in uk...
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User Info: switchbrad

5 years ago#5
i like to snipe it feels just like real life
when i go hunting i have to wait for just the right moment and its the same here
sometimes youve got to wait a wile for the big kill
my names bradley but you can call me brad
im pretty good with a 22 my dad and i hunt a lot

User Info: MahoganyTooth92

5 years ago#6
I CAN snipe, but my teammates are usually to incompetent for me to even bother.
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User Info: Mrdoughnut

5 years ago#7
heck no

User Info: 4baggin

5 years ago#8
MahoganyTooth92 posted...
I CAN snipe, but my teammates are usually to incompetent for me to even bother.

This is how I feel too. I am by no means a good player though. Above poster mentioned 3 attachments. Which do you use?

User Info: pothole567

5 years ago#9
Just started running a Sniper Class. 2 weeks ago I was not very good at it, but the past 2 days I have picked up on the basics of doing it pretty well. The one thing I learned is don't wait to long to get the shot off once the enemy is in your sights. Aiming for the body is okay, and will do a One Shot, One Kill. Look for spots where you can overlook the playing field for good spots to pick off people. I normally don;t go right up to the window sill to snipe, I will sit back and try to hide in the shadows of the room.

I'm still not good at it but getting better by the day. This is the 1st game I can feel I can snipe with confidence.

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