Dropshotting? I don't quite get the hate

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  3. Dropshotting? I don't quite get the hate

User Info: Michael-kun

5 years ago#11
lol, people complaining about lack of realism in Call of Duty

User Info: ish0turfac3

5 years ago#12
Because they dropshot means that's the only way they can get a kill and I hate noobs.. /thread.
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User Info: Milwaukee_Rush

5 years ago#13
Shura_Surplice posted...
Milwaukee_Rush posted...
I think it's because there is no way people in real life actually do that. Plus there is no animation. Picture yourself dropping shotting in real life. Could you hold your gun steady from standing to the prone position? No. If they put animation into going prone like Battlefield, it wouldn't be a problem.

On a side note, if you drop shotted like 10 guys in one day, I think your chest would start to hurt.

Oh but the knife is realistic? probably most of the people who whine at dropshotting are panic knifers who suck anyway.

Dropshotting only works on noobs.

I never said anything about knifing...
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User Info: TecmoB0

5 years ago#14
i need to stop doing it. i really doubt crouch shotting has saved me. its too damn slow in bo. its probably gotten me killed by blocking my aim more than anything.
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User Info: patgd04

5 years ago#15
lag - it makes them look like the hit the floor in less than a second and when you try to drop behind cover you usually are already dead half way through I call bs >_>
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User Info: Natsume_Tien7

5 years ago#16
What the h3ll is "panic knifing"? You mean knifing on reaction when you come face to face with an opponent, one of it's intended uses? How is this AT ALL frowned upon? Oi...

The only problem I have with drop shotters is that lag can sometimes screw up your bullets making proper contact. It's like they get invincibility frames while doing it at times.
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  3. Dropshotting? I don't quite get the hate

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