Most FUN Call of Duty To You (Poll)

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User Info: aLmosT_bLinD

4 years ago#11
I liked MW2

User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#12
mw2 for the spas12
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User Info: The_Prophet_78

4 years ago#13
modern warfare 2 because they had life sized maps

now everything seems like barbie playhouse maps. if you pause the game and look at the maps its just depressing how small they are. i thoguht they learned that mistake from mw3 but nooo they have not
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User Info: Frost_LASER

4 years ago#14
CoD 2 because of the great single player campaign.

User Info: TPZmikez

4 years ago#15
You down with O.P.P?
People that answered correctly: 37

User Info: Velociswagger

4 years ago#16
90% of the people that voted MW2 were OMA/DC Noobtubing cancer

User Info: MasterViVi2

4 years ago#17
as much as I hate to say it, MW3. I enjoyed the Treyarch games a lot, but Blops1 had pain in the ass sniping, and the current lag issue with Blops2 is taking too much of the enjoyment out of it. I really believe outside of the lag comp Treyarch pretty much nailed it this time so long term I feel my vote will be Blops2..
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User Info: SpydogK

4 years ago#18
Love how the most broken COD is winning this poll...

It's people like these voters that make COD garbage and noobified...
You have no credibility to speak on Call of Duty if you've only been playing since Call of Duty 4...

User Info: HeroicBloodshed

4 years ago#19
Velociswagger posted...
90% of the people that voted MW2 were OMA/DC Noobtubing cancer

Or maybe we just waited until all the tubers left for BO/MW3 and actually played in lobbies where 90% of the kills were caused by bullets? Play Merc TDM in MW2 right now. Doubt you'll see any of tube abuse that was prevalent 3 years ago.

User Info: mariofan619

4 years ago#20
MW2. All of my friends actually played it, but then a lot of them got sick of CoD after BO.

-Had the best SnD by far.
-Mannequins so you could do 'the mannequin'.
-Javelin glitch.
-Pre-patch models.
-Playing dead.
-Akimbo shotguns.
-Riot Cancelling.

etc etc.

Game was pretty broken, but it was definitely the most fun for me.
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