Care Packages vanishing

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User Info: YetiStewPS3

4 years ago#1
I know the black hat trick, but Ive had 5/10 CPs now either hit the ground and be gone in .5 sec or just never come down..

Is there a glitch if to many people call in CPs at one time then it doesnt show up?

And are my teammates stealing some of my CP's that quickly or what?

Ex: Stealth Chopper CP hits the ground, I run up and it vanishes, no enemies around but about 10 seconds later enemy calls in Chopper?!

User Info: TeRry_OrweLL

4 years ago#2
Now I understand why you plan on breaking your disc. God bless you, new friend.

User Info: Solstice_

4 years ago#3
You'll have to watch the killfeed to see if anyone is using something that just dropped in your care package to know if anyone is using it.

I had a vanishing problem on nuketown like a week ago when 3 of mine wouldn't settle right on the ground and just kept glitching and vanished within about 5-10 seconds. So it could be that or someone jackin em'.
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User Info: YetiStewPS3

4 years ago#4
Well see thats the thing, I knew the had the problem with CP's bouncing off the map but they "fixed" it..

Just seems a little buggy to me still since I know I wasnt in range of a Black Hat, and especially one that takes under a second to steal a CP..

I usually run and gun so my go to SS is UAV,Hunter,CP

When Im sniping or playing Obj its Hellfire, Lightning, Orbital..

Point is, something weird is happening to care packages even after the patch
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