Quickscoping takes no skill

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User Info: Dark_Link72

4 years ago#31
unpleasant_milk posted...
Dark_Link72 posted...
unpleasant_milk posted...
xHonestyx posted...
SO if they took a half-second to breath and then shoot you would feel better? It doesn't auto-lock anyway, it just closes in on the hit-box, learn your stuff.

Its lame,

just like the target finder and HBS in MW2.

not mad, just saying a few truths

That would be an opinion.

sure. But its the right opinion ; )

Quit trollin' :P
I'm loving the shenanigans.

User Info: R0YB0T

4 years ago#32

I haven't played any PC COD game. Are you sure they have aiming assistance of any type?

User Info: R0YB0T

4 years ago#33
HitokiriFelix posted...
I play on 14 sensitivity with aim assist off. But sure, the game does it all for me bro. :]

I don't think you know what we are talking about in this thread. I am not trying to insult you.

When you tap ADS while either you or the target is moving, it will put the crosshair on the target. Sniper rifles do high amounts of damage, so using that mechanic with a sniper rifle makes it very powerful.

I don't think it is a problem and I don't think it should be changed. I am just pointing out how it works.

User Info: ICantNameGud

4 years ago#34
Itt: centering your shot before firing, and shooting the instant your ADSd = exploit.
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User Info: Y-I-K-E-S

4 years ago#35
I'd be impressed if I was being quickscoped so much in BO2 I had to make a forum topic to complain. You should upload the match sounds like one hell of a lobby

User Info: NovaLevossida

4 years ago#36
I'd say eliminate quickscoping entirely because it's making the weapon class perform much better at a range where it is simply not supposed to. However, with how small CoD maps are in general and how especially small BO2's maps are, there's just not enough of a incentive to carry a weapon for long range engagements only. Quickscoping is a necessary evil with how the game plays.
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User Info: unpleasant_milk

4 years ago#37
Isnt that what sidearms are for? You know, snipers getting caught in CQC situations have effing pistols...
GT unpleasant milk
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User Info: RJrockstar

4 years ago#38
Hey you know what is funny?

Going into ADS through a sniper scope is faster than ADS trough a LMG Ion sights.

GT: FixdSwine

User Info: NinjaDeath911

4 years ago#39
ICantNameGud posted...
Itt: centering your shot before firing, and shooting the instant your ADSd = exploit.

Considering you have to hold your breath to snipe the way the game intends for such a long distance shot?

Yeah I would say that's an exploit

Dev's for some reason love the quickscopers community

User Info: Android21A

4 years ago#40
CitizenSoldier3 posted...
Older sysytems (gamecube) didnt have aim assist when playing a fps. Aim assist is there becuase kids these days cant do things without something doing it for them.

Oh yes they did. Clearly someone didn't play any 007 games on the Nintendo systems.
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