I report ALL offensive emblems that I see

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User Info: DrakoVongola1

5 years ago#61
gangoplush posted...
DrakoVongola1 posted...
gangoplush posted...
DrakoVongola1 posted...
So...Brutal murder=okay

Cartoon sexual organs=not okay


thats not the logic at all

the game is what it is and people know what it is about

the emblems being created are against the xbox live code of conduct.

i dont report many emblems so i'm not saying this to be against you, i'm just stating that you have the wrong impression of what the logic behind this is.

TC clearly said that he was reporting it because he didn't want his 12 year old son seeing it. He never mentioned the Xbox Live Code of Conduct (As if anyone actually read it in the first place >_>)

yes you are correct about his motive. but the only reason the TC has the option to report people is because of the CoC violation. if dicks and swastikas were not against the CoC, then the TC would not have the right to report people.

...Okay? Of course he wouldn't be able to report them if they didn't violate anything (As if MS is gonna do anything to the guys throwing money at them :/), but that wasn't my point. My point is that it's stupid to be okay with your 12 year old seeing simulated murder all day, but a cartoon dick is off-limits.
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User Info: Solidshooter24

5 years ago#62
Swan3624 posted...
Solidshooter24 posted...
Not mine. Mine is ejaculating into a heart. It's pretty. I consider it art.

I don't know why I doubted, but indeed... his emblem is exactly what it says it is.

Wtf man :\

EDIT: And now I see your Black Ops emblem is just a penis. The nice thing about emblems like these, is you can always tell the maturity of said person from them. That of a 12 year old mindset. Regardless of if you are actually 12 or 25, having a penis emblem, swastika, dolphin with a penis, etc. etc., really helps denote just how mature you are. And that is to say, not mature at all.

I'm pretty mature. Just because I'm having a little fun with the game I bought doesn't mean I'm immature. If you're old enough to play the game, you're old enough to see a penis. Do you understand me? I'm trying to sound rude but I'm just having fun with it. There are far worst stuff out there. Like swastika's and racist stuff is rude. But a penis isn't that bad. The 11 year olds and 25 year olds see their penises everyday.
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User Info: JJrooot

5 years ago#63
Some person yesterday made a hand ripping a d*** in half... with blood and everything...

I sure hope reporting them does something.

Seriously people.... grow up lol

Sad too cause the guy had a mic and sounded like he was 20+
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User Info: BloodySanchez

5 years ago#64
My emblem is a butt, ejecting a stream of feces into the open mouth of a person giving a thumbs up.

btw, I'm 26 and still think its hilarious, and love the reactions it gets. Deal with it TC.

As if reporting would do anything anyhow, most people who create offensive emblems would be happy to know that their emblem did exactly what they wanted it to do, ie: offend somebody enough that they felt the need to take some sort of "action". Thanks for giving us what we wanted.

User Info: RJrockstar

5 years ago#65
People are confusing M rated games with the AO rating. There is a difference guys.
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User Info: Fungum

5 years ago#66
I report them all too.

They're not offensive for the most part. It's just unfunny and the people who make these emblems are typically immature xenophobic twits.

User Info: vinnied717

5 years ago#67
Sooo many uptight people, I find it hilarious... You find no problem with your 12 year old gunning down 1000's of soldiers mercilessly with a variety of weapons... but the penis emblem really bothers you. Makes no GD sense.

It reminds me of my buddies fiance. We were all over a friends house for a couple of drinks and somebody put on Lonely Islands "I just had sex", and the guys fiance got offended.

Oh btw, she is a stripper. SMH.

User Info: DXiRoNMaN

5 years ago#68
Fungum posted...
I report them all too.

They're not offensive for the most part. It's just unfunny and the people who make these emblems are typically immature xenophobic twits.

why do you care what other people do? self-righteous or just a jerk?
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User Info: Zombie2626

5 years ago#69
The only one I reported was a woman chained to a table crying and screamung getting anally abused with a huge RAPE caption. Really people???

User Info: Teh_5_Starz

5 years ago#70
Baseballtitan posted...
This game is rated M for mature.

You are a terrible parent for letting your twelve year old play this game.
GT: Teh 5 Star
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