i s*x a lot...

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User Info: SkizZoO

4 years ago#1

i have 1,15 K/D
i play mostly objective games and free for all.
my last fps was black ops 1 ,played 3-4 months only.
now i full auto like a moron... That sux.

i like the 870 ,kap40 and b23r and the ksg.

im level 50 and i Never launched one hellstorm, or lighting legit.i use uac ,cuav,and the hk.little scorestreaks.
so, im the best sky killer in any of my games ive Played....
its so sad.... I do my best , Never RQ, sometimes my k/d ratio is 1-15 lol..........

i want to be better,any tips bros?

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