Who is the most legit youtuber?

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User Info: slipknotrox765

5 years ago#51
trakrunr4evr posted...
Oh almost forgot, inb4 whowatchesyoutubeyoumustbeanoob.

I watch youtube vids while I'm taking a ****. Except for this time...I'm responding to your post.

Ohh and My favorites are Hutch and Blame Truth, I've watched their vids for years. Hutch doesn't make a ton of vids anymore, Blame Truth makes a few COD vids a week.

User Info: WynnSilvergaze

5 years ago#52

I like watchin' Max for his fighting vids, but he posts some good Blops2 vids too.
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User Info: emerica

5 years ago#53
Akiba69 posted...
I am at a loss for words that people actually watch people play cod on youtube. Why would you do this? Why?

Why would you watch a sitcom where people go out and do things when you could just go out and do things yourself?

User Info: no1oblivionfan

5 years ago#54
Steam: An_Orang3e

User Info: iM40A3

5 years ago#55
Power Absolute, himself. Xcalizorz.
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User Info: xHonestyx

5 years ago#56
Best sniper=Faze Cross
MOst Entertaining=KYR/WickedShrapnel
MOst Helpful=Drift0r

User Info: ALLENO31

5 years ago#57
the ASF crew i doubt they would rage quit since they dont give a crap about K/D or W/L just having fun.
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User Info: ZephyrSSX

5 years ago#58
SP33DY is legit. Funny vids, doesn't care about stats, actually communicates in a friendly manner with his fans, etc.

Practically every uploader that puts up stupidly high stat games are arrogant blowhards that always try to have some passive-aggressive modesty BS going on and they stat pad in full parties.
Of course I'm the type of kid that hates mainstream crap so that's where I'm coming from - "slipknotrox765"
DmC get hype.

User Info: Dawgwood

5 years ago#59
trakrunr4evr posted...
I'm surprised nobody has said Elpresador. Guy is a BEAST.

Especially at this juncture of all junctures of junctures.

User Info: DerechoLucival

5 years ago#60
These are some good, albeit lesser known players:

JNasty720- IMO tied with the title of 'best CoD player' with Insomulus. He has gotten two penta moabs during MW3 and has put out tons of 100+'s playing solo. His channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/jnasty720

Insomulus- The other player who is as good as JNasty720. He has incredible aim and plays on a 10, or now 14. He almost got a Quad Moab without Support and uploads plenty of 100+'s. His channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/insomulus

Jars Armada- I've personally played with this guy a lot. He was all over the leaderboards during Black Ops under the gamertag 'z Jars'. He's just as good as ever at this game. He mostly plays League Play. He doesn't that upload often though. His channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/jarsarmada
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  3. Who is the most legit youtuber?

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