Why are shotgun users so frowned upon?

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User Info: nightmaresabin

5 years ago#11
Draconilian posted...
BO2 is 30% corners 30% flanking 30% close range, and 10% mid range.

Shotguns excel in 90% of situations because they are one hit kill weapons.
Nobody likes getting one hit killed. It feels like you didn't even get a chance (and you probably didn't)

Shotgunners are always the thing that ruins my killstreaks. I have no hatred for you though. I hate Treyarch for making the maps so cramped.

I don't agree with this at all. Some of the maps are obviously more suited for close combat, but on many I find myself getting killed very often just trying to get around the map. It can be difficult to get near the other team when they have people watching every street and path. Can't count how many times I've gone like 10-18 because I just cannot traverse the map effectively without getting sniped or shot down by some guy up in a window.

Also, only two of the four shotguns reliably kill in one hit outside of hardcore. The KSG can do so, but if you miss your shot and your opponent fires back you are dead. The R870 can do so within 10 feet or so maybe. After the nerf in the last patch it's range is noticeably shorter. The other two shotguns both require multiple hits to kill unless you hit the head at close range.
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User Info: eddiethemc

5 years ago#12
Shotguns are in the same boat as snipers, they're really only useful in a niche, but it's a niche that they own and nothing else does quite like it (except SMGs in this game come close).

The problem is that people want to have the most powerful gun in every situation, and the shotgun isn't the most powerful gun in every situation, but it can be the most powerful gun in every situation you put yourself in if you aggressively control the areas you run through. So because you're not running out in the open like a dipstick where you're at a disadvantage, they get angry when they meet you in the hallways where the shotgun generally wins.

The other problem is that with connections, if someone has a sufficiently good connection to the host with no problems, most guns will only hurt them allowing them to react and survive, whereas a shotgun (or a sniper like I mentioned earlier) in the right hands can kill them. People unaccustomed to dying take it harder than others and generally complain more.

Also the connections have been sucking lately too, that doesn't help anyone.
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User Info: retroman20

5 years ago#13
I dont mind getting killed by a shotgun, but a corner camper with a shotgun as i run by..i get pissed..get some skill
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User Info: Fungum

5 years ago#14
You should try it in S&D. If you aren't doing super leet grizz quickscopezzz 420 trick shots, you're a tryhard baddie.

I couldn't help but be overcome with a joyous feeling at the buttdevastation my KSG laid upon those fools.

User Info: XxViewAskewII

5 years ago#15
Because 99% of the players on here get butt hurt when their SMG laser gets out gunned. And Most of the kids can't shotgun correctly so they get mad when they get owned with it.

I rock my Diamond 870 proudly because I know how to use it. Been a heavy shotgun user since 4. Nothing beats using cover and moving quickly to get close to your enemies and then destroying them with a shotgun.

It's easy to run around and spray an SMG with a laser or sit back and hit someone with an AR. Shot gunning is an art. The best is using it on a map that most people wouldn't expect it on. I went on a 20 with the M216 on carrier kill confirmed while getting it gold and that gun SUCKS. it was all about knowing when to move and go into cover and when not to engage.
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User Info: Marcavious614

5 years ago#16
I am trying to get the diamond camo for the shotguns right now so that's pretty much all I use, doesn't seem to help me too much but then again I kinda suck but still have fun playing.

User Info: Andrew_Ryann

4 years ago#17
For me its a combination of being incredibly easy to use (especially the 870...point in general direction, get kill), no footsteps + endless paths make it braindead easy to sneak up on people, and the horrific lag not even allowing you to get a single hitmarker on them. I always felt like shotguns should have been relegated to the niche, use for a laugh weapons they used to be, instead of the maps trying to be built around CQC to make them not so bad. That and no one likes dying in a single hit...feels like you didn't even have a chance.

User Info: Inkontrol

4 years ago#18
Swan3624 posted...
Alexanaxela posted...
rule #1 of cod: if it kills you it's op
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User Info: 1GATORFAN

4 years ago#19
You think that's bad I just got hate mail yesterday because I killed a guy after I threw a flash bang...

He said "Gators are trash an so are you having to flash bang me to kill me. You suck and are camper who pads his K/D"

It was a voice message and we had 2 flags while moving towards the 3rd and everytime he spawned he would run at me and I kept killing him. So pretty much he was mad about flash bangs lol

But back on topic people will cry over anything, if your not using the worst weapon/setup you can use then you suck.

User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#20
Because people are idiots. All they ever see of the shotgun is when it kills them before they can fight back.

What they don't realize is THAT'S THE POINT. They never see you maneuvering around the map to avoid any range where your gun is useless.

They never see the difficulties of your shotgun, they just see you getting the easy kill with it. Naturally their response is WAAAH!

Hell just today I heard deathchat of OMG HE'S CAMPING, REALLY?! Which just made me think...yes I'm camping indoors in this corner but did you not notice your team has a Stealth Chopper and Warthog in the air? I had a KSG class with Ghost. No Blind Eye, no launcher. I either sit indoors when all that hardware is in the sky or I get wasted by it. Sorry you died once while you pubstomped my team of randoms with all your friends.

Nobody ever puts their deaths in context.

So yeah, people hate dying in one shot...but they also apparently hate using one shot weapons or else they'd do it more. Once they do use it they're like oh crap...this takes skill cause my weapon is a one-trick-pony. Suddenly I have to play to ITS strengths instead of just doing whatever and spraying...

Damn idiots...
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