13 day ban for offensive emblems

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User Info: thehandcannon4

5 years ago#181
Velvet_Llama posted...
OK, lots of people still seem to have a hard time grasping why there's really nothing wrong with 3arc ****slapping you with suspensions for offensive emblems. Yes you paid for the game, yes most of you live in countries with legal protections of free speech. Neither one of those is relevant due to the ToS, as many in this thread have pointed out.

Think about it another way. Say you go to eat at a restaurant. You pay for your dinner, but while you're eating you start screaming racial slurs at the family eating at the table next to you. You're irritating and offending the other paying customers, diminishing their enjoyment of their meals. Would any of you be surprised if the management of the restaurant threw you out and told you never to come back? Because that's what's happening here, you're acting a fool, bothering other people, and the management is telling you to leave.

~Killing lies

User Info: TG_Wolf

5 years ago#182
Seems harsh, unless your emblem was something hateful then it isn't harsh enough.
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User Info: thebatz

5 years ago#183
Zukkus posted...
The Soviet Union came with great features like informing on your neighbors.

the nazis actually started before them and kicked it up a notch by telling children to inform on their own parents.

User Info: ripvision

5 years ago#184
Good. Kids need to the hell grow up. That crap was funny years ago now its just plain annoying to see kids and even some grown men using swastikas thinking its funny when it just makes them look like ignorant idiots.

User Info: Fungum

5 years ago#185

Good to know all that reporting is actually doing something.

Keep on Treyarch.

User Info: BansheeNTDmode

5 years ago#186
I wonder if my kkk would get me a ban?
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They should ban them indefinitely like in bo 1

User Info: XT3M3

5 years ago#187
saw this topic yesterday afternoon. thought nothing of it and left.

came back later saw 100+ post


*reads topic*

wow many of you people really feel really "ENTITLED" and have a HORRIBLE view of "Freedom of speech"

tho this 13 game ban may be harsh, some of you people REALLY need it.

i really hope some of you guys are just trolling or picking to defend the emblems for lols but if you are being serious you guys are failing HARD.

at least the guys on the BO1 had a better defense for this topic

"we played WAW/Cod1,2,3 which was plastered with the Nazi emblem and etc why is it a problem now"
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User Info: SullyTheStrange

5 years ago#188
Devilanse333 posted...
On one side you have goofballs who just want to annoy people...on the other you have weaklings who lack the ability to just ignore foolishness that goes HAND IN HAND with the internet.

It only goes hand in hand with the Internet because there's generally no consequences. Well, here, there are. Oh well. Sorry kids, time to act like grown ups for once.
All's fair in love and war, kid.

User Info: YetiStewPS3

5 years ago#189
People reporting emblems on a rated M game, no wonder they made Blops 2 so terrible..

They knew a bunch of 10 year old butt hurt try hards were going to be playing it..

Reporting an emblem is like being a hall monitor in high school, only the douches ratted you out..

User Info: VoodooDog

5 years ago#190
Your "rights" end where another person's begins.
when popularity fades, the truth will remain...
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