banned ofr 13 days for offensive emblem

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  3. banned ofr 13 days for offensive emblem

User Info: uchihajuan176

5 years ago#1
i had the F*** yea meme emblem and now i canyt have a emblem for 13 days..... REALLY TREYARCH? i had a stick figure with a raised eyebrow that said F**** yea and u banned me.................................yet theres people with SO MUCH disgusting/sex things and there good SIGH
GT: Ayooooooo JJB
MH Tri : JJB HR 131

User Info: Saphirah

5 years ago#2
Still offensive.

User Info: Nriepw

5 years ago#3
Saphirah posted...
Still offensive.
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: Mister_Muffin

5 years ago#6
Should have been 30 days ban.

User Info: Cysi

5 years ago#7
Should just blacklist your Xbox. //

User Info: ICantNameGud

5 years ago#8
Lol seriously? Alright lets see.... Yep, M for mature and look at that, a warning that the game contains 'strong language'

You guys are real cool though. Everyone is impressed with the way you put TC in his place.
Get it right, do it nice. If you make a mistake, you're gonna pay for it twice. If you need it... got to have it. Get yourself a shotgun and bring it back home

User Info: curtland

5 years ago#9
*Points and laughs at you*

Only idoits can't spell.

User Info: Freshmaker11

5 years ago#10
Im offended
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  3. banned ofr 13 days for offensive emblem

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