Think I'm done with this game. This is even worse than MW3

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  3. Think I'm done with this game. This is even worse than MW3

User Info: Andrew_Ryann

4 years ago#61
Also I thought MW3 was a great game by CoD standards; it brought back some of the insanity of MW2 with high kill speeds with decent enough maps (a few I didn't care for). Lag comp was rampant there too but not as bad as this one, and the other fun things about it made it over lookable. Also the biggest thing for me there: hit detection was actually good in that game.

What do I mean by hit detection? This is going to be anecdotal and not scientific in anyway, and I don't care if you think its impossible. In that game, because of lag, it took about 1-2 bullets of time for your bullets to actually begin getting hit markers...same as BO2. The difference is you could count on those bullets actually doing damage. I often used the SCAR in that game, and I could accurately count off and stop firing after exactly 3 bullets were shot, because my muscle memory was so great in that game that I knew exactly how long the trigger needed to be held to kill a person. Even though the hitmarkers didn't start until a bullet later, I knew I was safe to stop firing because the game very rarely screwed you over in hit detection. Since I rarely wasted bullets, I could sometimes kill 4-5 people in a single SCAR mag.

In this game, I can't count the number of times I've stopped firing, confident that I had spit out more than enough bullets to put even an elephant down, and the person still is not dead. This is a huge problem because it causes you to have to just keep holding down the trigger until the XP message comes up, leading to a large expenditure of bullets. It keeps you locked in that spot longer (red dot chasers get you easier) and it also leaves you having to reload much more often, leading those same red dot chasers to get you in the middle of a reload. I feel extremely lucky to get 3 kills before reloading in BO2; normally its 2 max...all because you have to waste so many bullets compensating for their garbage lag and hit detection.

User Info: JohnJuan070707

4 years ago#62
Afghan_Whig777 posted...
Unless a massive patch comes out

I never thought I'd see the day where shotguns are more common than ARs in a COD game
(This is a welcome change in my mind. Look a Famas, look a Famas, look another Famas its about time we got some diversity in weapon choice)

SMGS are more dominant than any weapon class in any COD
(This promotes people rushing, because the don't get to take a position of power and dominate the rusher)

I cannot consistently get huge killstreaks. The spawns and lag compensation just make it so impossible
(Good, more gun on gun and less killstreaks to deal with)

Due to map sizes, and the worst spawning yet, enemies are clustered or near one another at all times. I have so many games of killing two guys only to be killed by a third guy who just recently spawned
(Faster action is the way to go, only people that care about things like mythical k/d would be concerned with this.)

Headglitching is out of control and rampant.
(Agreed, but there is cover on both sides of the map)

The map design is even worse than MW3. I cannot believe they managed to do this
(maps have been the same in every cod game ever)

COD noticed people love maps like Nuketown, and now they're catering to bad players who have no patience and want to be in action seconds later. There's no steady pace in this game.

I can't find a logical way to defend myself in Hiijack. I've never been shot in the back so much in a COD.
(There is a basement in the boat)

Dexterity is one of the worst things to ever happen in a COD. Players should be punished for sprinting wrecklessly, not rewarded with lag comp and bad playing
(You are saying that you should be punished for rushing, I think the opposite, people should be punished for sitting in corners trying to get massive killstreaks.)

I really had a lot of faith in Treyarch, especially with how unhappy people were about MW3

Vet players, are you guys honestly satisfied with this COD or are you playing it because your friends play it and there's nothing better?

This is easily the best done multiplayer in COD history, people just hate it because its harder to camp large killstreaks, it requires a team to work together to win, and it isn't nice to new people to the series. I personally love this COD.
PSN ID: JohnJuan360
If you think playing a CoD takes skill, then you've never met ghost pro and a silenced galil.

User Info: Afghan_Whig777

4 years ago#63
I'm not THAT horrible. I had plenty of games today getting blackbirds and Loadstars before finishing off the no perk/attchments for my PDW

The game is just bad

Bad players assume I'm not playing the objective, thats typical

My skill level isn't the issue here, the problems I'm pointing out are

My friends and I were getting plenty of VSats today. Seeing the enemy triangles appear and where they appeared was shockingly bad. I'm convinced a silencer is almost mandatory in this game

I can understand seeing potential in this game, or liking it

But to say this is a good game? Thats having low standards
GT: Arcade Fire87

User Info: 2200rms

4 years ago#64
ChaseBoist posted...
How about instead of playing this game for stupid things like Kill Streaks (which ruin the game anyways) , you go out and try to actually have fun? Stop worrying about your K/D, W/L, blah blah blah.

What do I do during this game? Instead of camping for kill streaks, I roll out like a beast and murder the crap out of teams. So what if my K/D is .94? Or that my w/l is like .75? No one cares. I play for fun, not for "z0mg 3.45 k/d lolzzzzz".

Killstreaks ruin the game? Thats the selling point of COD. That keeps coming back for more its like constantly trying to win a prize. The object is to kill the other team and kill streaks help you do that with free kills. And trust me you don't have to camp to get em. The only people that don't like them are the people who cant get them and arent smart enough to stay in a buildng when they are out.

User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#65
i really hate having to use the silencer on damn near everything. i didnt mind going unsilenced on iw titles since i can soundwhore people that might try to chase me down. i could actually use an unsilenced gun to my advantage. cant pull that here
Despondent transponder

User Info: torey_caylor

4 years ago#66
It's not as bad as MW3. Although i must say that some maps are just broken and need to be taken down and redesigned. not gonna happen though. And performance patches of course.

User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#67
i like how my kdr with some of the worst mw3 guns, aa12, model, and pm9 are better than my overall kdr here. i musta forgotten how to aim and play cod
Despondent transponder

User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#68
i think i may be joining you with being done. my skill in this game doesnt matter at all. i mean, if they patch the lag i might give this game another chance. as it stands this is just a game for bad players to back spawn people and full parties to abuse the worst kill streak system of any cod
Despondent transponder

User Info: SexPantherPanda

4 years ago#69
Haikou11 posted...
Nothing is worse than MW3.

You mean nothing is better

User Info: SexPantherPanda

4 years ago#70
Falcon X posted...
Afghan_Whig777 posted...

Vet players, are you guys honestly satisfied with this COD or are you playing it because your friends play it and there's nothing better?

Pretty much this. When none of my friends are on I go back to Black Ops 1.

Black Ops1 is way worse the MW3
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