Sooo, why so much complaining?

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User Info: Hitman_67

4 years ago#1
Everyone crying over "Nerfing" this or "Buffing" that, Lag being the reason for every death, etc etc...
Why don't i have any issues? I don't have major lag, just like people said Blops lagged and i never had issues.

I love the maps, most favorite would be Plaza. Just like the whole Fireworks, club music, neon look and its a decent size to me. Standoff is good to me too but i'm not sure why >_> I just like it.

Weapons are not bad at all, yes SMGs are powerful but some still lack accuracy that i need. Most favorite weapon for each class personally are
Shotgun: Remington 870 MCS
Assault: SWAT-556
Sniper: DSR 50
Pistol: B23R
Ballistic Knife too because it feels easy to use now, least to me.

I see why people think target finder is dumb, as i agree. But most of the other attachments are fine and i'm happy they switched some from perks to attachments.

Pick 10 is awesome, as i can make a class with only a knife and accept others challenges better than i could in Blops. Plus having two perks of one group is something i've always wanted.
I can hear enemy footsteps fine as well, since i noticed people complaining about that too.

I've got least 1 of every SS and find them all useful.
Also haven't had issues with the CP but i haven't downloaded Nuketown 2025 yet which seemed to have most issues.

I could keep going but i'm sure this is enough to spark a tl;dr. My point is, i'm having fun with this game. I never could get into MW3, it's the only one i don't own. And comparing them i like Blops2 as much as the first. Yes quickscopes/dropshots are annoying but i learned how to deal with them way back.

I get some complaints, but sometimes i think you guys cry over something just for attention. Like when my girls 5 yr old niece throws her soup cause she wants someone to come to her, even if they are pissed off. I understand it's not the case, and that some of you are literally only 5 years older than 5.. But still.. What the hell?
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User Info: Agnostic420

4 years ago#2
I won't read all that but I'm happy for you and not having issues and I would feel the same way if I didn't lag. But, I do lag. And I watch the kill cams and the theater, I may wear glasses but I'm not that blind yet and I don't have a brain disorder where I'm 2 seconds behind in daily life.

I'm left with chalking it up to lag comp.

User Info: Blitzkrieg182

4 years ago#3
Nice to see youre not complaining, but posts like these aren't any better. You call others out for needing attention....hypocrit.

User Info: Cornbread4life

4 years ago#4
People complained about them nerfing stuff BECAUSE it was done in response to complainers.
GT: Cornbread4life
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User Info: Hitman_67

4 years ago#5
Yeah i'm still trying to figure out why some people don't have issues at all while others do. I'm having fun though, also i could care less for attention simply posting as i noticed this board is filled with complaints more than anything.

Then again, anyone who posts a topic/reply is wanting attention when you think about it. Haha.
Commanding Officer of Phantom Operations (HoG)
Wont change sig till BigReed gets 1600MSP for Helping out
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  3. Sooo, why so much complaining?

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