Whats your k/d now and what would it HONESTLY be without lag problems

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User Info: RazorSharp02

4 years ago#41
Not sure how to say "if there was no lag I would have a....." Mainly because it seems you're either on the good side, or you're on the bad side. Not a lot of middle ground.

When I feel like I'm on the bad side I'm around a .85 -.90 but when I notice things are smoother I'm running around a 2.0 I'd guess. Pretty big difference such a fine line can make but it stands out the most in distance shooting for me, when I see someone round a corner and kill me before I even get sights up.

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4 years ago#42
im at a 1.23 right now...it may go up to a 1.8-9...i dunno...but i'm sick and tired of dropping a half of a clip into a guy ( all hit markers 'hitting the target ) then getting one shotgun blast to take me out...from 20 ft away. Then, upon watching the replay, i see that not one single bullet hits him and boom i'm dead...

User Info: nuschler2212

4 years ago#43
I'm easily a 1.70 right now which is strange because I have to play so differently because of the lag.

Who knows without the lag.

If you add in the ability to hear footsteps at a somewhat normal level, the skys the limit.
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User Info: DerechoLucival

4 years ago#44
3.52 atm with over 600 SPM, would probably be a 4 without this silly lag comp. In fact it will most likely be around there by next week because I only have about a day played and not too many kills. I don't even care about my K/D that much--I care about SPM more. I rarely check it but it's been climbing like crazy these past few days.

User Info: bluedragon619

4 years ago#45
2.15 atm and would only be a few points higher, maybe 2.50 or something
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User Info: lapot1

4 years ago#46
In both bo and mw3 my kd is 1.8. In this atrocious game its 1.3. Might go back to mw3 soon my nerves can't take much more.

User Info: ShadowUmbreon42

4 years ago#47
i had a 1.05 kd at first. Dropped to .95 with the extra lag s*** i've went through.

I did bring it back up by .02 points though so it's a start.

I would be at least 1.10 i don't consider my self that good at the game but it would keep the tryhards from whining about my k/d
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User Info: Jnak6

4 years ago#48
Mine is 1.3 something in this game. I've stopped giving any credence to KDR in this game due to the horrendous connection issues.

I'm typically a 1.5ish player, so I'd be around there if people weren't skipping around and walking through bullets. I did manage to get my KDR from 1.12 to 1.4, but now it's dropping again. Started with a 2.3 the first couple days of the game and everything went downhill from there.

User Info: SkilzMC

4 years ago#49
1.3-ish but usually mine is 2.3-ish. I find that SBM effects your KD more than lag problems which have been in every CoD
- GT Skillz MC

User Info: Velhac0

4 years ago#50

GT: Velhac0 / PSN: TruRogue
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