Double XP weekend is coming to a close...

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  3. Double XP weekend is coming to a close...

User Info: blackweasel30

5 years ago#1
What level did you start at and what did you end at?

I went from 1st prestige level 43 to 3rd prestige level 15.
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User Info: Fungum

5 years ago#2
4th 43 to 5th 30

didn't bother to play much.

User Info: lnightfuryl

5 years ago#3
5th [47]- 7th [18]
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User Info: pyrokinesis666

5 years ago#4
no prestige 50 to 1 prestige 15.

didnt play that much

User Info: All_In_Glory

5 years ago#5
Started the Weekend at Level 18.

Just signed off at Level 47,

had i known there was a Double XP weekend coming, I'd of taken time off of work so i could waste my life grinding ALL DAY.

better luck next time
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User Info: uchihajuan176

5 years ago#6
7th level 15 to master prestige nuketown 24/7 FTW!
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User Info: aNiceLay

5 years ago#7
I got 5 levels.
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User Info: DestinysSonNeji

5 years ago#8
3rd Prestige 44 to 3rd 47.

I wanted to play double xp weekend but I'm just too bored with this. I'll probably come back later like I always do.

User Info: HeartlessCharms

5 years ago#9
2nd 40 ---> 4th 34
Dat Nuketown
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User Info: JumpstyIe

5 years ago#10
1 to 50, no prestige. it was fun while it lasted, but this game's horrendous hit detection/spawning/maps/balance really make me miss Blops 1. don't think I'll play much of this game anymore.
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  3. Double XP weekend is coming to a close...

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