Double XP weekend is coming to a close...

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  3. Double XP weekend is coming to a close...

User Info: Trigg3rH4ppy

4 years ago#31
level 37 2nd prestige to level 30 4th prestige

My eyes are bleeding and i don't think i want to ever play nuketown again. <---My Bike
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User Info: SnakeEyes170

4 years ago#32
when was the last time a CoD double xp weekend ended... after the weekend was over?

they usually last til late monday, I remember in waw one of the double xp weekends lasted from friday to wednesday.
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User Info: Bloody_Sky

4 years ago#33
41/2nd prestige to 28/3rd prestige. I only played about 3 or 4 hours.
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User Info: kushahilic

4 years ago#34
uchihajuan176 posted...
7th level 15 to master prestige nuketown 24/7 FTW!

Neeeerd alert!

User Info: kasbian

4 years ago#35
I went from level 20 Second prestige to level 10 Prestige 3.

Didnt play too much as it was my works xmas party at the weekend took up alot of my playtime.

Nuketown shredded my KD, i was finally over the 1.5 hump rising towards 1.6 (going for 2.0 by Jan) now its down in the 1.4s again :(

Was fun but playing solo nuketown has its problems.
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User Info: JPSTheBigFella

4 years ago#36
Level 44 prestige 1 to level 40 prestige 4.
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User Info: joshrew

4 years ago#37
Level 55----- Prestige 1 level 25
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User Info: ACWWDUDE101

4 years ago#38
2 Prestige 55
3 Prestige 21

Didn't play as much as I had hoped, wanted to reach Prestige 4 at least.

Next time!

User Info: gwetmore4523

4 years ago#39
Just got this game for the 360 so I'm currently 33 and hoping to gain a few more levels before 10AM PST.
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User Info: home352

4 years ago#40
2nd 37 to 3rd 29
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  3. Double XP weekend is coming to a close...

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