Double XP weekend is coming to a close...

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User Info: ChaosSoldier87

4 years ago#51
1st prestige 45 to 2nd prestige 45

User Info: Jpshadow08

4 years ago#52
i went from 2nd 50 to 4th 30. Nuketown 24/7 was good to me!
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User Info: slaveanselmo

4 years ago#53
Finished off my 3rd prestige and am on level 25 or something of the 4th. Not sure where I started.
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User Info: blackweasel30

4 years ago#54
Gamebeatsmom posted...
JammyBauer23 posted...
blackweasel30 posted...
What level did you start at and what did you end at?

I went from 1st prestige level 43 to 3rd prestige level 15.

Level 2 prestige 8 to level 2 prestige 52. Six and a half hours play time. Used th AN and the MP7 and a target finder scope on my ballistic.

There is no attatchments for the balistic.

Started at prestige 2-45. 14 hours straight later, prestige 7-37.

So youre saying you were doing a whole prestige in under 3 hours? Doing fantastic on Nuketown only got me from 51 to 55 in an hour of gameplay.
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User Info: torey_caylor

4 years ago#55
lvl 23 prestige 6.... currently lvl 53 prestige 7.

Been QS'd this weekend so much i'm gonna be scarred for life. Game's garbage.

User Info: thebest99

4 years ago#56
Prestige 1 level 39
Prestige 1 level 42
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User Info: AtomskVII

4 years ago#57
47 5th to 38 7th, didn't play as much as I wanted this weekend though.

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User Info: White_Knight_01

4 years ago#58
I got an hour and a half gaming since mid last week.

second double xp iv missed.
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#59
I was only like 6 or so levels from Master before it started. I got them when double xp went live in a few games and haven't really played since.
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User Info: Purp_N_Yellow

4 years ago#60
1st prestige lv53 to 3rd prestige lv17
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  3. Double XP weekend is coming to a close...

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