In your opinion what is the best map in the game?

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  3. In your opinion what is the best map in the game?

User Info: Kovalchuk_

4 years ago#1
I know I'll get some flack but I pick Hijacked just because I can get a lot of kills and the other maps are just that bad.


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User Info: Gunther482

4 years ago#2

User Info: xX_PsYcH0SIS_Xx

4 years ago#3
GT: dontbreak

User Info: forgotten0285

4 years ago#4
not changing my sig until Shenmue 3 is officially announced.

User Info: gangoplush

4 years ago#5
i like hijack.

but i will vote for standoff. it feels like a bigger map the way it is designed and they layout protects the spawning areas more.

User Info: ronXwhite

4 years ago#6
standoff is an excellent map.
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User Info: digiiiiiiiii

4 years ago#7
Slums, then Standoff
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User Info: Draconilian

4 years ago#8
Gunther482 posted...

If it was a little bigger, it would approach the glory and genius of MW2 maps.

My second pick is probably Raid, but even then it's just the least "meh"
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User Info: torey_caylor

4 years ago#9
Meltdown. That kind of classic mid sized map design fits COD the best in my opinion. Has some lines of sight, and headglitch spots, but not as ridiculous as the other maps.

User Info: Wookie_Is_Back

4 years ago#10
Standoff is top tier, I love Drone a lot, Aftermath isn't bad IMO, getting used to Yemen, I like Carrier, Raid's okay, Hijacked can go to hell.
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  3. In your opinion what is the best map in the game?

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