Lag Compensation is a Myth

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User Info: MasterViVi2

4 years ago#51
NarutoTaio posted...
ICantNameGud posted...
Lel. That must be why this games p2p coding is a pile of **** along with MW3 (funfact: IW acknowledged its existence), but the original BO and MW2 still play fine to this day.

Funny because "lag compensation" started with the Black Ops community
Just further proof that it doesn't exist, it's just a cop-out for when people do badly

People expect to dominate every game and every gunfight, and it's not obviously lagging, they call it lag compensation for them not being as good as they wanted

Not true, I am perfectly fine when I get out played or out shot. Its when I can see in the other guys kill cam that I shot him first, and know from my own side that I poured bullets into him and he wasnt even aiming at me at first, i can tell its lag comp and its infuriating..
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User Info: unceramonius

4 years ago#52
Naruto, people like you annoy me. Now you are either incredibly delusional, or incredibly over stating your abilities in this cod.

HAve you even played cod 4 or mw2? Serious question. Cod 4 was amazing.....its one flaw being the first in the lobby wins host. But even on 3 or 2 bars it was incredibly playable.

Mw2...localised lobbies, and hosts wernt no dashing unless it was a douche team in search. 4 bars was dominate time, 3 bars could be equaled with sleight of hand and stopping power equipped...and even 2 bars was playable.

then came black ops, mw3 and this steaming pile of crap. Why does mw2 run better, have better netcode, and a better frame rate than this crap? As delusional and jaded as you cannot argue the facts.

In this crap game, the host is permanently why would you do that? Do they want to see endless host migrations and games not completed? Why is it , if you have 4 bars....3 will win absolutely every single time? That is truly pathetic programming

There is no way in hell you have played a quality cod....go back and play those before making such foolish statements. I have played all the cods....and the netcode went absolutely tragic from the first black ops.
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User Info: X_Spectator

4 years ago#53
It's an excuse used by people to talk themselves into thinking they are better than they actually are.

User Info: RoxasANobody

4 years ago#54
HereticKitsune posted...
Hell no. I recognize that everything I do online is essentially meaningless if we can't all get stable connections with sub-50 ping and a game with good netcode. LAN is the only way to know if you're actually good.

Finally, it has been said!

The only way you'll ever know if you're "good" at this game is if you play someone through a LAN connection.

The new PR guy for Infinity Ward already admitted that people throttle their connection to get an advantage and that they could do nothing about it in the mean time.
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User Info: Fungum

4 years ago#55
NarutoTaio posted...
Fungum posted...
TC has not once acknowledged anything posted as proof of lag comp. Why are you guys still feeding?

they haven't proved anything, there is nothing to prove on the side of lag compensation

people think because they can do 37-3 one match, they should never be able to go 17-23, otherwise it's lag compensation, not their inconsistent skill

Yes, because IW, many tech articles, and countless websites addressing the lag comp in their own games, is offering no facts.

I hate people like you. You're not even good at trolling.

User Info: Crack_Fox

4 years ago#56
The tooth fairy isn't real :,(
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User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#57
theres no such thing as lag compensation when its working in your favor

otherwise yes, it very much exists

User Info: High_Warlord

4 years ago#58
High_Warlord posted...
Considering that Infinity Ward stated that there was indeed lag compensation in MW3 (it's in one of their patch notes that they improved upon it. Look it up on their forums if you don't believe me.), that just shows you that it is indeed real. I suppose you could just argue with, "loltheyjustsaidthattomakepeoplehappy" or "loltheyjustusedthetermthecommunityisfamilarwith", but I would like to think that they wouldn't just bend over like that. But then again, maybe I am expecting too much for a CoD dev?

Too late to edit my post now, so I am quoting myself instead.

After finally having the time to read over more of the thread, it appears that someone has already said this and all TC does is ask for a link.
Well here you go, TC.

Title Update 7

Improvement to address "Host Disadvantage" / "Lag Compensation" that caused hosts with good connections to be hindered.

Plus ability to hot fix additional tweaks based on user feedback to this change.

Oh look, they mention it again...

Title Update 8

Networking enhancements.

Theater improvements and fixes.

Further improvements to "Host Disadvantage" / "Lag Comp."

Increased speed of YouTube uploads from 32k to 256k.

Nerf to all Akimbo weapons (reduced fire rate).

Shotgun re-balance (Slight nerf to Striker, slight buff to all other shotguns, bar the AA-12 and 1887).

Fix that prevents some users from not receiving their prestige token after prestiging.

Fix stat bug that retains "games played" stat across prestiges.

Removal of StealthnBomber radar visibility in Color Blind mode.

And again...

Title Update 19

Update to Face Off logic

Improvements to lag compensation

Now it's probably only a matter of time until TC just says one of the excuses, that I gave above in my, now quoted, post just simply to continue arguing. Because, just by reading his posts in this thread, he seems like one of those people who can't admit they were wrong, so they continue to argue until no one cares anymore.
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User Info: Maximus40

4 years ago#59
1. Play Modern Warfare 2 and you'll notice a major difference with that being the last game that didn't have it.

2. Robert Bowling has mentioned lag compensation being addressed in some MW3 updates on some of his old twitter posts. I couldn't tell you if they were placebos or not.....but yeah.
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User Info: keyblade_lord

4 years ago#60
Lag Compensation is a real thing, it's just not as wild as everyone says it is. They blame lag to make themselves feel better.
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