Be honest, which game has the better multiplayer? MW2 or BO2

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User Info: Proudleaf24

4 years ago#51
BrownPack posted...
Proudleaf24 posted...
MW2 in its prime was pure, gaming bliss. It's also important to mention that MW2 was truly when the youtube generation started to kick off. I remember watching the first videos from Sandy Ravage back then. Good times.

Also, MW2 is still, by far, the most colorful CoD. It's too bad we never really went back to that. :/

As much as MW2 is my favorite Cod, it's not the most colorful one. BO2 is more colorful, and MW3 is the most colorful (albeit only on the DLC maps)

MW3, as far as I could tell, was very, very desaturated or had a primary color tone that was leaning more towards grays. It was reminiscent of CoD4's color palettes, honestly. I never got the DLC so I'll take your word on that.

I'll have to disagree about BO2 though. It has better lighting, yes, but it's still not nearly as vivid as MW2. But this is also because MW2 had higher contrast as well. BO1 and BO2 have lower contrast when compared to IW games.
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User Info: crucial

4 years ago#52
MW2,even though it was unbalanced at time's.

So many classes to choose from and everything had a counter except OMA/DC.

SP made it so any gun was good,secondarys where great,better maps,better net code,TDM was fun,SnD was great and still is,a bit slower paced which made it less of a rush fest.

BO2 is fun but nothing like I felt once MW2 was released.

User Info: DutchZombie

4 years ago#53
TimandEric posted...
DutchZombie posted...
chessmyantidrug posted...
craigdavis posted...
why was the spas over powered? just because it killed you?

It had quite a ridiculous one-shot kill range. People complain about the R870 MCS, but the SPAS-12 in MW2 was considerably better. It was actually detrimental to aim down sights if you were using Steady Aim. The Model 1887 had a longer one-shot kill range, but a much slower rate of fire. The Striker was a joke and the AA-12 was used almost exclusively by corner campers. The Ranger had silly short range, but were extremely lethal up close, especially when Akimbo. The M1014 was like a slightly worse version of the SPAS-12: less range, but faster rate of fire.

TL;DR: SPAS-12 outclassed every other shotgun.

So what??? I used the MP5 and even I didn't find shotguns that cumbersome. The only thing that secondary shotguns did was force people to play smarter. Apparently that's too much to handle for some...

I don't want to get into an argument about how shotgun secondaries broke gun balance, because I could write an entire essay about it. But the one thing that almost everyone can agree on is that shotguns were much more powerful in MW2 than Black Ops 1 and 2. They were primary powered weapons, that much is a fact.

If you honestly don't think that the top-tier close range weapon being a secondary isn't a problem, then i guess MW2 is your game. However, there's a reason why they haven't put them as secondaries in any game since. Most likely because they realized it was a terrible idea.

They also haven't releases a COD with great netcode ever since MW2 either. I'm guessing they thought that was a bad idea as well? Bad argument.

User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#54
Despite me never believing this day would come, I put MW2 there. When I fire at someone there they die. It is such a fundamental thing that until BO II corrects it, I won't forgive it.
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User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#55
I really enjoy MW2 I broke 80 days playtime on that yesterday.

User Info: torey_caylor

4 years ago#56
MW2 has lots of flaws, but honestly it was the most fun. Also smoothest and best netcode by far.

User Info: Razed812

4 years ago#57
I very rarely came against any OMA/DC scrubs, maybe it was because I played it on the PS3.

Lot of MLC+Tac Knife, annoying, but bearable.
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User Info: JaganMaster

4 years ago#58
Funny how a World War 2 reskin of COD4 is still Treyarchs best game.
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User Info: Jeh64

4 years ago#59
BO2 imo. MW2 definitely had better connections.

User Info: Silver17

4 years ago#60
Gunther482 posted...
But at least MW2 had good network code, it was frustrating, but at least it was playable. And to be honest I really didn't like MW2 that much, I would take BO I any day over MW2.


MW2's netcode was really good. Noobtube with DC was constant OSKs!...
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