How old are you?

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User Info: thegamer824

4 years ago#21
17 here!

User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#22
billnye69 posted...
JVel91 posted...
Turned 21 in August. Made it to 3 bars before I blacked out and taxid home lol. . .

Move to Canada, you could of been drinking for 2 years already. Think of the things you would have forgotten about already.

I had my first beer at 15. It was disgusting lol.

User Info: apatrick0516

4 years ago#23
This here's ma signature!

User Info: 777mike777

4 years ago#24
16, turning 17 in 8 more days...
Lol funny how I made an account 5 years ago. I wonder how much stupidity I posted around that age
"Drunk posting on GameFAQs is like drunk posting on Facebook, only more people think you look like a fool." ~ DarkRealityX

User Info: dueric

4 years ago#25
777mike777 posted...
16, turning 17 in 8 more days...
I wonder how much stupidity I posted around that age

HA!! No more than anyone else. Myself included. LOL

Anonymity brings out the worst in everyone.
"It's like people using the internet have never heard of the internet." - SadHillShowdown Gamefaqs member

User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#26
^ lol. . . .

User Info: Hagan

4 years ago#27
182 In dog years.
XBL GT= illidan z

User Info: Loshadt

4 years ago#28
29, turning 30 in March. I'd like to think I'm the oldest one here, but I know there's at least a few posters in their late 30's somewhere around here.
Russian is my first language, so yes there may be a spelling error or two.
I <3 Jesus.

User Info: njbeachbum

4 years ago#29
Not changing this until GTA V release date is announced. Started 1/21/12.

User Info: retroman20

4 years ago#30
33 here
One of the Four Horsemen of BRAP

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