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User Info: iwantmyname

4 years ago#81
The chances of anything coming from mars are a million to one but still they come!
GT: Lizziekins

User Info: kasbian

4 years ago#82
22 ....TC im quite depressed now being in the "+" category , makes me feel like its all downhill from here...
Not changing till Manchester United win the Superbowl
Started 15/11/12

User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#83
FeelMyBlade posted...

*looks at results*

and they said CoD is for kids... LOL

*awkward moment when I thought FMB was 19 or something*

User Info: Kunosachiaka

4 years ago#84
JVel91 posted...
FeelMyBlade posted...

*looks at results*

and they said CoD is for kids... LOL

*awkward moment when I thought FMB was 7 or something*


User Info: darthvaderdan

4 years ago#85
I'm 39... and my back hurts!
[IIO Batman OII]

User Info: tokyowatcher

4 years ago#86

User Info: Skello1O

4 years ago#87
Depends, how old do you want me?
"As a human, I will seek companionship when alone, but desire solitude after I have found a companion!" -Mal

User Info: ish0turfac3

4 years ago#88
CaffeineSnorter posted...
From: ish0turfac3 | #008
500, yes I'm a wizard.

You are only a Wizard if you remain a virgin until you are 30.

Well I'm a 19 year old virgin.. unless you count my right hand, her name is jenny.
GT: ish0turfac3 - Nintendo ID: ish0turfac3
"Beef is evil chicken"

User Info: EliteGuard99

4 years ago#89
Lots of 12-14 year olds lying about their age in this poll, or maybe they are are only 22+ physically.
"I like my weapons how I like my music, HEAVY and METAL! - Mordekaiser

User Info: Seminolehitman

4 years ago#90
Pedophile alert!!!!
Some people say a cucumber taste better pickled

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