i urge u to sell violent videos games like this game, call of duty

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  3. i urge u to sell violent videos games like this game, call of duty

User Info: MarquisRyiz

4 years ago#41

Yes because all the school shootings in the last here 200 years have all be related to video games...

No reason or motive matters. It's all video games.

User Info: RedWaggon

4 years ago#42
Kant_Remoob_Eht posted...
Getting rid of violent video games won't really help, you will also have to get rid of violent tv programs and movies so everything is family friendly. You would also have to do something to stem the nature aggressive/war like nature of humans in general also.

Good point. In the movie "Serenity" (TV show "Firefly") they tried to get rid of aggression in humans to create a utopia. Turns out it didn't work, and everyone turned into very aggressive zombies.

User Info: jaoman9

4 years ago#43
Hell no

User Info: MarquisRyiz

4 years ago#44
ALSO..let me leave this here...


Fact Check. All you idiots screaming "it's VIDEO GAMES" and what not need to be silenced.

User Info: Anticitizen97

4 years ago#45
forgotten0285 posted...
Nordini posted...
I hate you and this kid

I hate anyone who acts on views similar to theirs. I don't really want to call the kid pathetic. because he's heart seems to be in the right place, but... wow.
@(*.*)@ I'm on the karma payment plan.
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User Info: kayaburn

4 years ago#46
Nordini posted...
I hate you and this kid
going where the water tastes like wine

User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#47
Anybody remember when they Abolished Alcohol? Yea Crimes went up.
"When the solution is simple, God is answering" -Einstein

User Info: roadtosalvation

4 years ago#48
Oh please. May I ask how a seventh grader was able to purchase M rated games? It was his freaking parents. As far as I know all the major chains won't sell an M rated game to a minor even though (as far as I know) it's technically not a law. Hell, the independent game store where I live gets complaints from parents when they won't sell Johnny the latest FPS because of the rating. Yeah, cause getting out of the car and coming into the store is such a hassle....

Okay, yeah. I may have player Resident Evil 2 when I was 13 but that doesn't mean I went outside and started nibbling on my neighbors while high on bath salts.

However, I don't particularly like children, so go ahead and make that a law. Make it illegal to sell an M rated game to anyone under 18. Children are still going to get them because parents DON'T care. All most parents care about is making their damn kids shut up for a minute or two to get some piece and quiet.

Also, more on topic, pointless "crusade."

User Info: heartherevenge

4 years ago#49
hes not old enough for these games anyways...

GT: heretherevenge

User Info: AngelWithaHat

4 years ago#50
Here's an idea.
Don't let 12 year olds play mature games.
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  3. i urge u to sell violent videos games like this game, call of duty

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