Best map CoD history

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User Info: SoulEater00

4 years ago#21
Firing range.

User Info: patkelly929

4 years ago#22
No Cliffside/Hazard?
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User Info: gdogghenrikson

4 years ago#23
Hillbilly_Smurf posted...
Eder Dam


User Info: hularoo

4 years ago#24
you ****ing have hanoi but no firing range? haha wow this is the worst group of "favorite maps" i've ever seen.
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User Info: Soul_On_Display

4 years ago#25
Anything in COD4 or MW2 is a great answer. Even WaW and BO had some great maps. Now mentioning anything from MW3 or BO2 is just blasphemy.
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User Info: Shpedoinkel

4 years ago#26
No Vacant? :(
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User Info: treisgar

4 years ago#27
Hillbilly_Smurf posted...
Eder Dam


Damn right.

User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#28
>Nuketown and Hanoi

Get out.
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User Info: laloguy7

4 years ago#29
Carentan, France.

User Info: Dyphearr

4 years ago#30
Where is Wasteland. Its one of the best sniper and CQB maps in the series
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