In honor of Gun Shooting VICTIMS , DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME

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  3. In honor of Gun Shooting VICTIMS , DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME

User Info: DarkInfinity21

5 years ago#11
Just because a few people are crazy nutjobs doesn't mean all of us have to stop playing the game. Almost all of the people who commit those crimes are mentally ill anyway.

User Info: ImTooSkilledd

5 years ago#12
Do you people actually think this guy is being serious and believes what he's saying? Even if he were being serious, do you think your posts on a Call of Duty board are going to sway his opinion on video games and violence?
"Please tell us again of the importance of being a pro call of duty player, I seemed to have missed that"

User Info: mountaingoat99

5 years ago#13
Evil Squall posted...
From: Macdaddyruss1 | #001
we as Gamers are not going to sit back and ignore the lives that were lost.

Speak for yourself
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User Info: BoxTheMuppet

5 years ago#14
TC did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?
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User Info: ICantNameGud

5 years ago#15
Level up 5 times today and golded a gun, gonna play the obviously non-violent Far Cry 3 now and then back to black ops 2.

Good topic TC, very inspirational.
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User Info: Storm_rising

5 years ago#16
Seriesly, had this Convo with so many people, because instead of taking any of the blame, everyone passes it to violent video games and cartoons.. Here is the real deal you should know, 1: Everyone of those shooters were heavily depressed and on some sort of medication. 2: What the NRA wants you not to be asking is where and how they got the weapons.. Obviously, you don't find it strange that a school teacher has an AK in her house, with easy access to it.. The Government wants to ban all military grade and full auto weapons, the NRA wants to give everyone these weapons, so they blame everything else, but the gun control rules.. 3: and the catcher, almost all of the shooters were not gamers, and didn't own any game systems, most didnt even have access to TV, or very limited access.. Truthfully, I blame the parents and media for the actions of those few.. Even if they didn't have access to any guns, they would have found a way to hurt as much people with whatever they could find.. Yes, we should honor and respect those who have died sensesly from this violence, but we should be doing it by making life better, living like it's the last day of our lives, and enjoying what the world can give us, and being better people to those around us..
The pacific demon

User Info: Dahpie

5 years ago#17
So its games faults that a bunch of mentally ill people can't tell the difference between real life and a video game.
Its not video games fault its how people perceive video games due to there mental problems.

User Info: Dr_Throatpunch

5 years ago#18
Macdaddyruss1 posted...
...And played video games there, including Call of Duty...

Couldn't be a coincidence that billions of people play video games, and millions of people play CoD.

User Info: Haahahaha

5 years ago#19
TC has soo much honour he doesnt even know their names
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User Info: mariofan619

5 years ago#20
can i still use the bow and arrow in minecraft or no

& do i have to play in peaceful mode b/c the creepers make a loud gun-esque bang?
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  3. In honor of Gun Shooting VICTIMS , DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME

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