C/D Warthog sucks

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User Info: Host_Migration

4 years ago#11
DOSF posted...
D. But it depends on the map, I think.

On Carrier and Turbine, as a couple of examples, the thing is quite lethal, in any mode.

Scrap that, just depends on the enemy team. Like most streak rewards. :P

Played on Carrier and Raid today with a Warthog called in. Managed to take B both times with the Warthog up, no blind eye or coldblooded either. Thing just didn't target me at all... I was alone at B both times. Was midway through capturing on Carrier as it came down for its pass, and just started and finished on Raid when it passed by.

Yet other times, it's killed me indoors.

User Info: SnakeEyes170

4 years ago#12
Inkontrol posted...
I'm not a big fan of it. But the fact is you can use it and forget it and that is its biggest strength.

killstreaks that you don't have to control will always be better
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User Info: AngelicTouch99

4 years ago#13
SnakeEyes170 posted...
Inkontrol posted...
I'm not a big fan of it. But the fact is you can use it and forget it and that is its biggest strength.

killstreaks that you don't have to control will always be better

The Stealth Chopper always gets me more kills than the Warthog ever does as long as it dont get shot down right away. Hell, normally the AGR with computer AI gets me more kills than the Warthog >.>

User Info: aheroafake

4 years ago#14
D. The first and only time I used it, it dominated the enemy team.
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User Info: nath999

4 years ago#15

It's terrible considering how high it is. I've used it 30 times and it's netted 82 kills for me which averages to about 2.7 kills.

My Stealth Chopper has averaged close to 3.1, if it wasn't for the bad ass sound I wouldn't even touch the Warthog.
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User Info: slysalt

4 years ago#16
By itself, C

but with something like dogs to back it up to keep guys from just waiting indoors, D

User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#17
I have only called in two Warthogs and it killed more teammates than enemies. I have 6 kills with it compared to 378 kills from 99 Stealth Choppers. I have also called in two K9 Units and two Swarms. I have gotten 12 and 20 kills from those respectively.

Perhaps the Warthog is best used in Domination, Hard Point, Headquarters and Demolition. In other game modes, it would be too easy to avoid.

User Info: HeartlessCharms

4 years ago#18
Rikiaz posted...
matrix0523 posted...
C. It's insanely situation.

If by extremely situational you mean extremely good in everything but TDM then you need to quit playing the crud game mode.

I mainly play Ground War Dom and KC and have called in 36 and only have 111 kills with it. Compare that to 44 use Lodestars and 361 kills and you see how truly situational it is.
Peace, and much love to you.

User Info: AngelicTouch99

4 years ago#19
Its not only situational its completely useless on maps like Express

User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#20

When the other team doesn't back out the moment they are EMP'd and hear the Warthog come down this thing does some serious damage.

Granted when I first started using it I thought it sucked too, I couldn't figure out why it's first sweep took out 4 people then it would be lucky to get one. Look at the scoreboard and there are now only 2-3 people on the other team. Happened every time I got it last night.
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