ITT: post your k/d AND your spm

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User Info: chessmyantidrug

4 years ago#21
supercoolisaac posted...
chessmyantidrug posted...
1.35 and 336

I'm strongly considering resetting my stats after I prestige. Does anyone know if you keep calling cards? I don't really want to give up Ultra Killer.

You lose everything..

That's what I figured. I never thought I would earn Ultra Killer and did it on accident one game on Hijacked. That's the same reason I used the title and emblem I had in Modern Warfare 3. It was for killing someone with a flashbang.

User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#22


User Info: flagg2kplus

4 years ago#23
2.67 and 393
My favorite game of the year

User Info: RemedyDZ

4 years ago#24
I want everyone who replied on my team right now. You guys are all awesome. we would never lose with all the beast in this thread.

User Info: JVel91

4 years ago#25
Your ears would bleed at the stuff I say in party chat.

User Info: Mrtyu

4 years ago#26
Just wondering how my W/L also compares, its been the best in this CoD and I'm sure it would be even better without the dash boarders.

2.05 W/L
Currently Playing Black Ops 2.

User Info: Mr_Cumberdale

4 years ago#27
Mrtyu posted...
I don't think the game type matters, just go for the one you're best at. E.G a youtuber called Insomulus plays Groundwar which I hate and he has 825 SPM with a 4.70 K/D.

So that's how he gets such a high SPM. I didn't think it's possible to sustain 600+ SPM in TDM unless your playing in those matches.

User Info: Chokoon

4 years ago#28
Used to have over 900 on hardpoint. Overall was only around 450. domination wasn't so good for high SPM since the game constantly spam you in losing/party lobby
You're Welcome

User Info: Velociswagger

4 years ago#29
3.25 KD
539 or so SPM
Operator rH

User Info: Roxas_1124

4 years ago#30
.95 and 318 spm. Not amazing but I only play for fun.
GT- CWest2424
I am like a geico ninja. Yeah, Geico ninja. :D
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