Honestly, I think SPM should be paid attention to rather than KD

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  3. Honestly, I think SPM should be paid attention to rather than KD

User Info: Appetiser

4 years ago#51
From: zxrax_alt_1 | #050
From: BluesSoul617 | #048
If you wanna see a good KD and SPM, look at oH iRecK on Elite. He is ridiculous. 1.92 and 576

Or like everyone else said we could look at Insomulus at 800 and 4.X, or Ronaldinho at whatever he's at now.

Insomulus has 5.06 K/D 860 SPM now lmao.
GT: Hate House

User Info: tranquilizerrr

4 years ago#52
Gosh everyone in this topic is so awesome. I wish I was so good. High SPM, high K/D, detailed talk about how to attain it.


This is like CoD masterclass. That Youtube video too! That dude who said he had a 2.22 K/D (you rock dude, 2.22?! WOW)

I mean, I literally cannot walk into a thread without finding out about a new guys YT channel and how he has an awesome SPM. It's so lively. Then another awesome players come in and say how they suck and they are even better! Haha, so cool.

I love this board and it's sea of amazing players who all try and make themselves look awesome and everyone else a phony.

Ahhhhh warm feelings.
Talk is cheap.

User Info: T_r_a_m_P

4 years ago#53
BluesSoul617 posted...
Andarist posted...
You don't care about K/D?

So you reset your stats because your SPM was too low? I bet lol.

Good assumption but no. I resetted because I had a 1.1 KD from playing 3-bar connections at a friend's house. Just awful.

When I noticed my SPM was high, THAT'S when I started saying SPM should be paid attention.

What your really saying is, you fink the only stat that matters is the only stat you have thats high, thats just your mental compensation for your other downfalls
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Ewgh thats gotta hurt!

User Info: Host_Migration

4 years ago#54
None of the stats matter.

To someone saying KD is a better way to judge skill.

I can sit in a random corner and go 6-1 all day every day and have a 6 KD. Yet my SPM will be trash. That makes me a good player though right?

My SPM is about a 350, KD 1.14, and I only play solo in Mercenary Moshpit.

Obviously people who play in groups all the time should have higher stats than solo players. That doesn't mean you're good individually though. That means your clan/friends and you communicate better and probably try to spawn trap.

User Info: Nytegard

4 years ago#55
IVPaleRiderIV posted...
Whatever happened to W/L ratio?

This. So what if public games are random players? Winning > KDR & SPM.

Depending upon the game type, a high SPM could actually be a bad thing. It means you're failing to guard your objective correctly.

It frustrates me to no end when playing domination to see my entire team rush objective C after we have A & B down. Yeah, we'll dominate them for all of 3 seconds and then they take A & B, and it seems from that point onward, my team can't seem to capture another objective again, and then we become dominated, and they degrade into a TDM mode, and we lose 250-28 (yes, that has happened).

And in CTF. Killing an opponent before they get to your flag and keeping your flag from being taken in the first place is a better approach, yet it gets your less SPM.

Winning the match is a better approach to tell how good you are versus KDR or SPM. If you can win more often than not, especially in pubs, you're a better player than a person with an awesome KDR and SPM who loses almost every match.

User Info: RAIDERof_theARK

4 years ago#56
I only play ffa and mine is @250. I win often. When I switch to team games, I try to play differently... Take my time, and don't do well. When I play objective games, I outscore people by playing the objectives. Yesterday I had 7 caps on dom, I think I was the only one caping on my team.
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  3. Honestly, I think SPM should be paid attention to rather than KD

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