Tips for Riot Shield?

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User Info: Mrtyu

4 years ago#1
Anyone who has used it already knows how bad it is and anyone who doesn't do bad with it I was wondering could you give me tips?

Play style and set-up?
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User Info: Staind Hart

Staind Hart
4 years ago#2
Hardcore, with a fast class
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User Info: Mrtyu

4 years ago#3
Tried hardcore and IMO I'm better off on core, for some reason on hardcore you can quite often lunge straight at them and nothing happens and also the fact that it feels like you're getting shot through your shield all the time.
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User Info: Overd0s

4 years ago#4
LuIzalot posted...
Mr_Schickadance posted...
What tips/advice do you have for the riot shield? I want to get better with it :/

Concussions and to a lesser extent, Shock charges, are near essential for any kind of offensive play with the shield due to its terrible melee attack.

Flak Jacket
Fast Hands, Scavenger
and Tac Mask are all important to counter the most common anti Shield strategies and also help reduce the negative effects of stunning yourself with your own equipment, as well as keeping you stocked.

It's important to pay attention to what your enemy does. If possible, find something to hide behind and lob a stun grenade, once the enemy is stunned, you can attempt a shield bash, combat axe, pistol finish, etc.

Get comfortable with a pistol, it doesn't matter which since they're all useful, the Tac-45 is probably the best for riot shielding, but if you plan on doing lots of close quarters, the B23R and Kap are also good for their reliable hipfire.

The best time to pull out your pistol is when the enemy stops to reload or tries to throw grenades.

It's necessary to lead with with the Shield due to lag compensation. If they start to circle strafe, rotate ahead of them to stay protected.

In the situations in where you can't throw concussions watch the enemy's movements. If they approach, try to keep a safe distance away. If they backpedal chase them. If they stand their doing nothing or turn around and run shoot them down.

It's hard to tell someone how exactly to use a shield effectively. A lot of it comes from lots of practice and testing to see what works. Everyone reacts to a shield user differently.

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User Info: SPARTAN_D7

4 years ago#5
We always use it as a team. One or Two with Riot shields lead the way and usually distract the shooters on the other team. Then one of us follows just out of sight and pops the shooter. Works well in HC objective games. Alot of people see the Riot shield and freeze up.
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