This game is better than CoD4.

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User Info: Nordini

4 years ago#1
Complaints come from people who are simply burned out on the franchise. There is essentially nothing any developer could do which would fix your attitudes except develop an entirely new franchise.

Most people seem to think that CoD4 was amazingly superior to this game and that this game is somehow a step down from CoD4. This is nothing short of being blinded by nostalgia and the fond memory of playing something that was so new and fresh to you.

Some of the reasons why this game is superior to CoD4 JUST from the multiplayer aspect (not counting campaign and zombies):

-Killstreaks. Not only do you have WAY more to choose from, but you actually have a choice in the first place and can change out your killstreaks.

-"Scorestreaks" actually come from points and no longer just kills.

-Equipment now has its own slot, no longer does having C4, claymores, or RPG's require to use the Perk 1 slot

-Removal of Juggernaut and Martyrdom, the most hated perks

-Weapons. You have more primaries and secondaries to choose from. Greater variety

-Attachments. In CoD4 you had 6 attachments to choose from including the sights. Did you remember that? You now have 23 attachments across the weapons in this game. That's almost 4 times as many.

-Camouflages. Once again you had 6 in CoD4, and none of them were as good as some of the new ones introduced in BO2 (Art of war, ronin, cherry blossom etc.)

-Party gametypes. Sticks and stones/sharpshooter/etc.

-Private match customizations. there are honestly many points you could expand on with this but there is SO much more to do here.

-Theater mode. Again this is a huge addition.

-Combat Training. Playing against bots? once again a huge addition

- Reticle customization

-Pick 10 system. Wildcards, trading equipment for perks, etc. This completely outclasses the other system

-Map detail. You may argue the layouts of the maps were better in CoD4 but the amount of graphic detail and interactive gimmicks in each map is far better in BO2

-Choosing the map you play on. You now get 3 choices instead of just "skip"

-Gametypes. There are more of them. Kill Confirmed, Demolition, and Hardpoint are wonderful additions

-Callsigns and emblems

-keeping items after you prestige

-Combat records

-Lobby leaderboards

These are just the first things that come to mind. If these two titles were released at the same time, nobody would choose to play CoD4 over Black Ops 2.
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User Info: KillfaceDingo

4 years ago#2
what is a cod4?
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User Info: GodlyTwins

4 years ago#3
CoD 4 > Blops2

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User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#4
Bulbasaur is the best starting Pokemon.

User Info: achimed

4 years ago#5
This post... It just wins. That is all.
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User Info: Gevous

4 years ago#7
So true, TC. I guarantee that no one in this thread will be able to give enough pros of CoD4 besides "I enjoyed it better at the time so it's a better game," that will actually prove which one is better factually.
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User Info: fatclemenza

4 years ago#8
Then why do I to this day enjoy CoD4 more than this game?

CoD4 wins on the sole fact of map variety and less garbage connectivity. Glitter doesn't mean much when the game doesn't even run right.
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User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#9
If blops 2 had better maps and netcode, it could be a serious discussion. Also removal of casual items like target finder.
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User Info: ItIsAPsyBorg

4 years ago#10
Nordini posted...

-Map detail. You may argue the layouts of the maps were better in CoD4 but the amount of graphic detail and interactive gimmicks in each map is far better in BO2

Gimmicks do not ensure fundamentally strong map concepts.

The lack of good maps makes this game an abysmal failure; there is no way around it.
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