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How do you feel about this games MP?

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User Info: OEIO999

5 years ago#1
Topic - Results (56 votes)
It's the best of the series
7.14% (4 votes)
It's not the best, but really good on its own
19.64% (11 votes)
It's pretty good, with a few flaws
42.86% (24 votes)
It's terrible, with only a few good things standing out
21.43% (12 votes)
It's downright terrible, they really dropped the ball on this one
8.93% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Just thought I'd take a gander at what the general consensus is for this games MP. I personally thought it was pretty decent when I first started, but as time goes by, I find myself more and more distant and less interested in the MP. The feeling I didn't experience for the other titles in the series.

The maps are bland and lacking (IMO the worst in the series). The guns for a futuristic reference, are very disappointing. With a terrible balance. The perks aren't anything special. Also the setting of this game is unrefined. The spawn system is laughable, the lighting at times greatly hinder the outcomes. And probably the worst problem of them all, the friggin lag. This is only CoD I've ever had to rage-quit repeatedly, because the frame rate at times are atrocious. I don't know what Treyarch/Activison were thinking when they release this game. Because they were clearly only concerning themselves with amount of profit this would bring in, regardless of whether or not they actually put effort into making it

User Info: Nriepw

5 years ago#2
I like a lot about the multi player, it might be one of my favorites.

But I have a lot of connection issues. My connection is kinda bad though it wasn't as big of a deal in other Cods. If one of my friends who lives a few states away hosts this game becomes unplayable.

The maps are also terrible. And the shield, why they made it not block explosions and stun enemies when it hits them I will never know.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

5 years ago#3
"It's pretty good, with a few flaws"

I am really enjoying the multiplayer of Black Ops 2 but for once, the Campaign of BO2 is my favorite game mode in a CoD game. I love the Pick 10 System and the Mute All function (I always wanted one since BO1 and I am glad Treyarch added that feature since it was tiresome to mute everyone individually). I don't really have complaints but I am aware about the flaws in the BO2 multiplayer including bad connection (lag), spawns, and hit detection but other than those, I like the BO2 multiplayer a lot (it's better than MW3, that's for sure).
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User Info: james259

5 years ago#4
"It's no the best but really good on its own"

I got to admit I love this game so far. CoD hasn't grabbed me this much since MW2. There's just so much to do between the many multiplayer modes, zombie modes, and campaign. Multiplayer is solid and I really enjoy the pick 10. Only thing I dislike are the announcers. If the DLC goes well I will never need another CoD.
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User Info: TheRedDash

5 years ago#5
Fix the spawns, the maps, and bring back ping/connection based matchmaking and you're golden.

Not that hard people.
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User Info: torey_caylor

5 years ago#6
Extremely laggy. That's my only complaint.

All the side bulls*** like target finders and HK drones ain't that big of a deal. But lag ruins this game. Micro stutters galore.
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