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Smr is horrible in multiplayer and zombies.. What were they thinking

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  3. Smr is horrible in multiplayer and zombies.. What were they thinking

User Info: richard423

5 years ago#1
Whats the point of this gun if the fn-fal surpasses it by far in multi. In zombies, I pack-a-punched this thing and it was horrible. It took like 10 out of the 30 bullet clip to kill a zombie on round 10. Is there anyway to even make this gun viable?
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User Info: waqster

5 years ago#2
Its 2HK range is substantially larger than the FAL's

User Info: fatclemenza

5 years ago#3
Its serviceable, but the FAL is better. The fire rate cap is just poor in semi-mode.
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User Info: RConyx

5 years ago#4
They were thinking : " Let see if some badger will use this wpon "
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User Info: drurywalker

5 years ago#5

Look how the SMR is much more effective at range. This also means it suffers significantly less from having a suppressor on it. It's RPM is a little more than 85% of the FAL but for semi-autos I don't know how super relevant that difference is. I personally love using my silenced SMR to murder people at every distance, and I think it should be noted that it just does different things than the FAL.

User Info: OrlandoMagician

5 years ago#6
I've watched SMR killcams and in theater, it still has fairly low kick. I like the FAL, but I don't quite feel all the love it gets. This FAL even with select fire barely is on par with the MW2 FAL, which was a proper semi auto rifle.

User Info: CloakedNub

5 years ago#7
I enjoy the SMR. :D

User Info: SinCityKid

5 years ago#8
SMR is the worst box weapon in zombies, this weapon should go directly back into the mystery box if you get it. And in multiplayer its got too much recoil to take advantage of its range. You can put grip on it but why not just save the point and use the FAL or even a sniper rifle.

User Info: yay4doughnuts

5 years ago#9
I've always preferred the SMR over the FAL. For me, it has always been a consistent 2 hit kill. Granted, I only use it on maps like Turbine as my trigger finger is pretty slow, but I can definitely do better with it compared to the FAL.
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  3. Smr is horrible in multiplayer and zombies.. What were they thinking

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